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spiritual meaning of an iguana

8 Spiritual Meanings of an Iguana [Explained]

Iguanas are herbivorous tropical American lizards that can be either green or brown in color. These interesting lizards have what is commonly referred to a “third eye” on the top of their heads. It is more formally known as a parietal eye and can sense movement and light as a […]

spiritual meaning of lower back pain

6 Spiritual Meanings Of Lower Back Pain [Explained]

While lower back pain may be the result of an injury or a strain, there are also metaphysical factors involved with this type of pain. This is because our mind, body and spirit are all connected and when something is troubling us emotionally, it can actually result in physical pain. […]

spiritual meaning of yellow sunflowers

14 Spiritual Meanings Of Yellow Sunflowers [Explained]

There’s nothing quite as cheerful as seeing a whole field covered in vibrant yellow sunflowers. These gorgeous flowers always face toward the sun and can help to brighten even the gloomiest day. So, are there any spiritual meanings associated with yellow sunflowers? Yellow sunflowers are definitely considered symbolic in the […]

spiritual meaning of running over a squirrel

6 Spiritual Meanings Of Running Over A Squirrel

While running over a squirrel with your car is likely to be an unpleasant experience, you might find that for some people, this could have a spiritual significance. Many people believe that occurrences such as this will always be linked to the spiritual world and have deeper meanings. There are […]

spiritual meaning of gnats

12 Spiritual Meanings Of Gnats [Explained]

If you’re a gardener, the presence of gnats around your plants is generally considered a nuisance as these insects don’t actually damage your plants. However, have you ever wondered whether there are spiritual meanings associated with gnats? Like most creatures on this earth, gnats do actually have spiritual meanings that […]

spiritual meaning of pink

12 Spiritual Meanings Of Pink [Explained]

As most people would know, the color pink is often associated with love and people who collect crystals would be aware that pink quartz is the one to use when you want more love in your life. But, are there other spiritual meanings associated with pink? Pink is a very […]

spiritual meaning of gold

12 Spiritual Meanings Of Gold [Prosperity!]

Like all the colors in the rainbow, gold has many different spiritual meanings just as it has important meanings in the material world. In our everyday lives, gold is regarded as one of the most valuable precious metals and is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. In the spiritual world, […]