8 Spiritual Meanings Of Running Over A Cat [Fascinating!]

spiritual meaning of running over a cat

Running over a cat is never a good thing and can leave the people involved and the owners of the animal distressed and sad. If this has ever happened to you, have you wondered whether this unfortunate incident has any spiritual significance?

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In many different cultures around the world, cats are symbols of good luck and represent courage, liberation, and fidelity. There’s even a difference in the significance of black cats. While in some western cultures, black cats are considered bad luck, in other cultures, they are thought of as bringing good luck.

Let’s explore some of the spiritual meanings associated with running over a cat.

You Are Trying To Remove A Guardian From Your Life

In many cultures, cats are regarded as guardians that help us to ward off evil. Therefore, if you happen to run over a cat, it may seem like you’re asking your guardian to go away.

While the cat may not be your guardian, it may be someone in your life or your close circle of friends you have stepped away from. When this happens, the universe sends you a message which causes you to run over a cat.

This prompts you to reconnect with your guardian and let them back into your life so they can fulfil their purpose.

You Will Experience Bad Luck

Another belief is that running over a cat will cause you to experience some bad luck. Some may even believe that running over a cat means that you’re cursed. However, it’s not common for the spiritual world to bring messages of bad tidings or to wish you bad luck.

In this case, maybe the universe is giving you a warning that there are challenges coming your way and you need to be more cautious as to how you deal with certain people that may not have your best interests at heart.

Something In Your Life Needs To Change

It’s important to remember that cats represent the spiritual world and our connection to it. Therefore, when you accidentally run over a cat, it can be a very strong message that something in your life needs to change.

Perhaps you’ve developed a habit that is not conducive to your well-being or your spiritual growth. Or, maybe your attitude needs a major adjustment because you’re not focusing on the positive side of life and not being the kind, caring and understanding person that you should be.

Whatever the case may be, take the experience as an important message from the universe that something is not quite right in your world, and you need to make some changes.

You Are Spending Too Much Energy On Your Worries And Anxieties

If you dream about running over a cat, it could mean you are spending a lot of time worrying and anxious. Therefore, this dream urges you to relax more and take care of yourself.

You Are Preoccupied With Negative Feelings And Thoughts

Dreaming about running over a cat could also mean that you are currently far too preoccupied with negative feelings and thoughts. Therefore, having this dream is a reminder that you need to turn around your negative thoughts and focus more on the positive. This may require you to find more balance in your life.

You Or Someone Close To You Has Released A Secret

It’s believed that cats are very good at keeping secrets and will keep them to their death. Therefore, running over a cat could indicate that either you have released a secret that was entrusted to you or someone close to you has spilled a secret about you that they had vowed to keep.

The Change That You’re Contemplating May Not Be The Right One

We all go through multiple changes throughout our lives and sometimes look for signs that confirm that we’re making the right decision. When a cat crosses your path or comes to you, it’s usually a sign that you are on the right track and that you should embrace that change.

However, if you accidentally run over a cat, it could be a sign that you should stop and reconsider your decision. Maybe it is not the right one for you at this particular time.

You Should Avoid Unnecessary Risks

If you’re a bit of a risk-taker, it may have come to the point where perhaps you’re taking too many risks and are not being careful enough. Because cats are said to have 9 lives, they’re considered the ultimate risk-takers.

Therefore, if you happen to run over a cat, it could be a warning that taking too many risks could be dangerous to your health and your life in general.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does a cat symbolize spiritually?

Spiritually, cats are said to symbolize independence, curiosity, patience and elegance. Many cultures believe that cats are symbols of good luck and also intuition. The ancient Egyptians believed that cats were gods and treated them accordingly.

What does it mean when cats cross your path?

If a cat crosses your path deliberately, it could have a message for you. What that message is will depend entirely on your current life circumstances and where you’re heading. It might also mean that the cat is telling you that there is a guardian around you to help you on your journey.

What does it mean when a black cat runs in front of your car from right to left?

Some cultures believe that a black cat that crosses your path from right to left is a bad sign or omen. On the other hand, a black cat passing in front of you from left to right is a sign of good luck.

Final Thoughts

Accidentally running over a cat is never going to be a pleasant experience. However, if this happens to you, it might be an important message from the universe that you should take to heart and act upon as soon as you possibly can.

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