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I’d like to say a massive thank you for visiting me over on my little blog tucked away in this tiny corner of the internet! I put a lot of time and effort into getting some (what I think!) great content to you and helping you learn more about symbolism.

My goal is just that, to help educate you on symbolism and spiritual meaning – whether that’s animals, colours, dreams, you name it.

Stick around, have a read through the site and enjoy yourself.

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About Me

Amelia Thompson

Simply Symbolism Owner

After majoring in Social Science at UCLA, Amelia has built up extensive experience over her 10+ years in the industry.

When it comes to SimplySymbolism.com, Amelia’s vision is to help educate people on spiritual meanings.

Away from the blog, Amelia is a certified life coach, specialist in intuitive readings and a meditation & yoga instructor.

Email Amelia: amelia@simplysymbolism.com

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