Is It Bad Luck To Buy Yourself An Evil Eye Bracelet?

In these times of uncertainty, we often turn to all things spiritual and look for ways that we can protect ourselves from the negative forces that may be all around us. One type of protection that is quite popular is the evil eye amulet or bracelet. But, is it bad luck to buy one of these bracelets for yourself?

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In general, it’s not bad luck to buy yourself an evil eye bracelet. Think about what the evil eye amulet is designed for and the symbolism associated with it. The evil eye is a form of protection against negative energy and negative forces around you. So, when you’re wearing one of these bracelets, you’re basically protected from any “evil eye” or malicious thoughts that are cast toward you.

To understand this a little more, let’s delve into the history of the evil eye and what it means.

The History Of The Evil Eye

The concept of the evil eye dates back to ancient Greece. In fact, beliefs associated with the evil eye, known as “mati”, can be seen as early as the 6th century B.C.

Basically, the evil eye is described as a look or a stare from someone who wishes you bad luck. Therefore, an evil eye talisman such as a bracelet, necklace or other type of amulet is supposed to protect from any negativity resulting from someone giving you the “evil eye”.

Interestingly, there have been references pertaining to the evil eye from classical authors like Plutarch, Plato and Hesiod. It was believed that an evil eye was a curse bestowed by a malevolent glare on an unsuspecting person.

What Is An Evil Eye Amulet?

Evil eye amulets come in a variety of forms including bracelets, pendants, earrings and even rings. The amulet itself is shaped like a round eye. It’s traditionally ringed in blue with the eye itself having a white ring and a blue center. In the middle of the blue center is usually a black spot that is meant to resemble the iris of an eye.

Originally, an evil eye talisman was in the form of a glass bead but these days, these amulets can be made from all types of materials. Apart from having their protection symbolism, they are also attractive pieces of jewelry that many people enjoy wearing.

These amulets were formulated as a form of protection against someone giving you the evil eye curse, especially if you are unaware of this. Evil eye amulets are also popular in the Chinese art of Feng Shui where they are hung over the main entrance of a home in order to provide protection from negative forces or energies.

In fact, according to Feng Shui, the traditional blue color of the evil eye talisman is meant to signify heaven and faith. Additionally, the middle of the amulet is meant to resemble a vigilant, sacred eye to protect its owner from negative energy.

Apart from it’s Greek origin and it’s common use in Chinese Feng Shui, the evil eye amulet is also extremely popular in Turkey where it is known as Nazar Boncugu. In this country, it is commonly seen in shops, homes and businesses and there are multitudes of different items for sale at Turkish bazaars and markets that sport the evil eye design.

How Are Evil Eye Amulets Used?

There are primarily two types of uses for an evil eye amulet. One is for personal protection and the other is to protect an object.

When an evil eye amulet is worn as a piece of jewelry by a person, it guards against bad luck and misfortune. It’s believed that the talisman protects you from any bad karma or ill-will that someone may bestow on you. It’s also said to restore your life balance.

Conversely, an evil eye talisman can also be used to protect an object that you own such as your home, your car or even your new smartphone. It’s believed that, in this case, the talisman deflects the envy that other people may feel towards your possessions and protects them from being broken or damaged.

Are Evil Eye Amulets Available In Different Colors?

Traditionally, these amulets were made in cobalt blue. If we go back to Greek and Aegean traditions, it was the belief that it was only blue-eyed individuals who were likely to bestow an evil eye curse. That’s why these talismans can be referred to as “blue eye protection”.

However, these days, evil eye amulets come in a range of colors. Of course, each color has its own spiritual significance just like different colored crystals have their own meaning.

Here’s a quick guide to understanding the significance of each colored stone.

Color of Stone Spiritual Meaning
White Purity and Wealth
Black Power
Red Courage
Deep Green Happiness and Prosperity
Light Green Success
Yellow Joy and Optimism
Pink Love
Brown Life Balance or Stability
Purple Spirituality and for Removing Obstacles
Coral Safety and Protection
Light Blue Cleanliness and Purity
Turquoise Good Health
Cobalt Blue Positive Energy and Protection
Orange Motivation and Creativity

By understanding the spiritual meanings of the different colored stones, you can choose an evil eye talisman in a color that represents what you are most needing at any moment in time.

You could even buy yourself different colored bracelets that you can interchange depending on how you’re feeling and what you want to attract into your life.

How To Wear A Bracelet With An Evil Eye Amulet

Wearing a bracelet with an evil eye amulet is a great way to protect yourself from misfortune or negative energies that may surround you. It’s also a wonderful fashion accessory that will get you many nice compliments. But, is there a correct way to wear one of these bracelets and on which arm is better?

You can actually wear it either on your right or your left wrist, depending on what areas of your life you want to protect. Here’s a quick explanation.

  • Your left side of the body is connected to your heart and your emotions. Therefore, if you want extra protection for your personal life and your relationships, wear the bracelet on the left wrist.
  • The right side of your body is connected to your brain and logic and relates to the outside world. Therefore, if you want some protection around your career, money, success or business, it’s better to wear your bracelet on the right arm.

Additionally, you can also get evil eye ankle bracelets or anklets. These can be worn in the same way.

Cleansing Your Evil Eye Bracelet

Like other crystals that we use for various purposes around the home, your bracelet needs to be cleansed to remove the negative energy that it may have absorbed.

Before wearing your bracelet for the first time, make sure that you run it under water in order to cleanse any residual energy it may have.

Once you start wearing your bracelet, the best way to cleanse it regularly is to place it outside when there’s a full moon. This is similar to how you would cleanse your crystals.

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What Are The Benefits Of Wearing A Bracelet With An Evil Eye Amulet?

There are many benefits to wearing an evil eye bracelet. Here are just a few.

  • A bracelet with an evil eye amulet offers you protection from the unseen and unintentional evil of others.
  • It’s a symbol of good luck and imbues you with positive vibes.
  • It can help you to stay happy and healthy.
  • These bracelets also make lovely fashion accessories.

Can You Give An Evil Eye Bracelet As A Gift?

Giving someone an evil eye bracelet as a gift is not only a lovely gesture but it also increases the power of the protection that this amulet offers.

It’s quite common to give this thoughtful gift to newborn babies, pregnant mothers and other people who are facing some challenges in their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I wear my evil eye bracelet to bed?

It’s a good idea to remove your evil eye protection bracelet before going to bed as this is believed to be a sign of respect to the amulet itself.

Can I wear my protection bracelet in the shower?

It’s better to take the bracelet off before having a shower. This helps to protect the amulet’s power.

Final Thoughts

It’s definitely not bad luck to buy yourself an evil eye bracelet. In fact, the amulet contained in the bracelet will protect you from bad luck and is a sign of good fortune, health and happiness. It also makes a lovely, thoughtful gift for someone who needs that little extra positivity in their lives.

Traditionally, the evil eye amulet was made as a blue glass bead and its origins date back to ancient Greek times. It’s also a popular talisman used in Chinese Feng Shui to provide protection for the home.

Evil eye bracelets are just as popular these days as they were in ancient times because everyone could do with a little more positivity in their lives.

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