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8 Spiritual Meanings Of A Tin Can [Explained]

Ordinarily, you wouldn’t think twice about seeing an empty tin can while you’re out on a walk or driving around your neighborhood. But, when you start dreaming about a tin can, you might take extra notice and wonder if this has some spiritual significance. It might surprise you to learn […]

spiritual meaning of itching ears

9 Spiritual Meanings Of Itching Ears

When your ears itch, it’s a common belief that someone is talking about you. This is the same as when your ears are burning. However, have you ever delved into the spiritual meanings of having itchy ears? There are numerous spiritual meanings around having itchy ears, and most of these […]

spiritual meaning of knee pain

8 Spiritual Meanings Of Knee Pain [Explained]

When you experience knee pain for no apparent reason, you might be tempted to look for a more metaphysical explanation. That’s because all the parts of our bodies have a link to the spiritual world, and pain or discomfort can often indicate that there’s something that we need to attend […]

spiritual meaning of vertigo

9 Spiritual Meanings Of Vertigo [Explained]

The experience of vertigo can be very uncomfortable and disorienting. The phenomenon can also cause vomiting and nausea as well as a feeling of dizziness. There are two types of vertigo, central vertigo and peripheral vertigo. While central vertigo can be caused by spinal cord or brain problems, peripheral vertigo […]

spiritual meaning of umbilical cord

10 Spiritual Meanings Of Umbilical Cord [Explained]

The umbilical cord anchors a baby to its mother and nourishes the growing baby while it’s in the womb. To that end, the umbilical cord has a very important purpose and there are many traditions and cultural beliefs around what the umbilical cord signifies. In some ancient cultures, especially the […]

spiritual meaning of red

13 Spiritual Meanings Of Red [Emotional Power]

Is red your favorite color? Or, maybe you’re currently seeing the color red everywhere you go. If this is the case, you might be wondering about whether red has any spiritual significance or meanings associated with it. There are, in fact, quite a few spiritual meanings associated with the color […]