12 Signs Of A Spiritual Slumber [Explained]

You may have come across the term “spiritual slumber” and wonder what it refers to and how you can spot the signs of this condition either in yourself or in someone close to you.

A spiritual slumber refers to a state of spiritual dormancy or inactivity. It’s a state where a person is disconnected from all things spiritual like their higher power, their inner self, and even the universe as a whole. 

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Essentially, when a person is in a state of spiritual slumber, their spiritual journey or growth has come to a stop and he or she often lacks awareness, mindfulness, and any kind of connection to the world around them.

This state can be just a temporary phase or it can become a long-term condition if the person is not prepared or able to engage in some inner work, self-reflection, and other forms of spiritual practice.

Here are the most common signs of someone in a state of spiritual slumber.

A Lack Of Purpose Or Direction In Life

This is common when someone is unsure of what their life’s purpose is and they’re not sure which direction they should be heading. Often, it’s far easier to just go along with life rather than go deeper within or consult spiritual guidance.

This can happen at any time in life and is often more prevalent during times of discord and disruption. Or, when someone has been too busy dealing with life’s challenges and hasn’t taken the time for regular meditation and working on their spiritual growth.

A Lack Of Connection With Others

We all need time to ourselves in order to reflect on life and our journey. However, when someone has trouble making meaningful connections to others for an extended period of time, this could be a sign of a spiritual slumber. 

This may occur when someone has moved to another town or city or after the breakdown of a serious relationship. The person may be afraid to form new relationships for fear of getting hurt again. 

Sometimes, people will find it difficult to make new friends in a new area and just resign themselves to being on their own without making an effort to meet new people.

Experiencing Difficulty In Making Decisions

Essentially, experiencing difficulty in making decisions is something that we can all suffer from at some time in our lives. Perhaps, we’re afraid to make the wrong decision as a result of past mistakes and this has led us to refrain from making decisions altogether.

This is a clear sign of a spiritual slumber where the person is not connecting with their intuition or their spiritual guides. As you would know, if there is an important decision to be made, it’s wise to consult your spiritual guides or your higher self if you’re unsure of the right decision.

However, during a period of spiritual slumber, you may put off making these decisions because you are not in tune with your intuition and have forgotten that you can always ask for spiritual guidance when you need it.

Experiencing A Lack Of Joy And Enthusiasm

Have you ever experienced a time when you are feeling so apathetic that nothing can make you smile? At times like these, it’s difficult to become enthusiastic about anything and everything seems a challenge.

These feelings are often experienced by someone who is in a state of spiritual slumber. It means that the person has lost connection with their purpose or their spiritual guidance. This turns life into a trudge and the person will find it difficult to muster up any enthusiasm for even the most exciting projects that are on the horizon.

Feeling Stuck Or Stagnant

In the same vein, a person in a state of spiritual slumber may also feel stuck or stagnant. In other words, they are resisting growth or not taking advantage of opportunities that are presented to them.

This clearly indicates that the person has lost touch with their purpose in life and is not spending time connecting with spirit. When actively working on your spiritual growth, you will always have new opportunities coming your way to keep you actively moving forward.

Harboring Thoughts Of Resentment And Bitterness

When we hold onto anger and resentment, it’s impossible for us to move on and continue our spiritual growth. This is because our journey requires us to be forgiving and release all feelings of anger and resentment.

However, for someone experiencing a spiritual slumber, it may be impossible to let go of those hurt feelings and this can have a very negative impact on their life overall. It can even harm friendships and relationships that may have been happy and joyful because the person is so difficult to be around.

A Prime Focus On Oneself

A person who is primarily only focused on themselves and what his or her own needs are, is often considered self-centered. This is a good example of someone who is in a state of spiritual slumber.

This is because those who are in a state of spiritual growth will always consider the needs of others equally as important as their own needs. You see, spiritual growth is all about helping others and feeling compassion and kindness for those around us.

Having A Total Lack Of Gratitude

When a person fails to feel gratitude for all the blessings in their life, they are often in a state of spiritual slumber. Gratitude is an important aspect of spiritual growth and one’s spiritual journey.

It’s the act of feeling blessed with all the little things that are around us as well as appreciating nature and the people that we encounter in our daily lives. However, someone who is in a state of spiritual slumber doesn’t see these things as blessings and only focuses on the things that are absent in their lives.

This is quite an unpleasant state to be in because without having gratitude for all the blessings in life, these blessings will diminish over time and the person may start to have to face more and more challenges.

Suffering From An Addiction Or Another Type Of Compulsive Behavior

Often, people who have some type of addiction are in a state of spiritual slumber. Their addiction stops them from being present in life and offers an escape where they don’t have to deal with their own journey.

What these people have in common is that they are unwilling to develop a deeper spiritual connection in order to move through life with purpose and enthusiasm.

Having A Lack Of Empathy And Compassion

People who are in a state of spiritual slumber often lack empathy and compassion for others. These people are often so focused on their own lives and challenges that they are blinded to the needs of those around them.

Experiencing A Lack Of Creativity And Inspiration

When you’re on a spiritual journey it’s easy to tap into your creativity and you’ll find inspiration everywhere. However, a person who is in a state of spiritual slumber may find it difficult to even think that they are creative.

This is because this person is not connected to any form of spiritual guidance and has stopped tapping into their own intuition. 

Having A Lack Of Trust

Someone who is in a state of spiritual slumber will often develop a mistrust of both themselves and everyone around them. This could even turn into paranoia where the person feels that everyone is out to get them and no one can be trusted at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can spiritual slumber be cured?

Absolutely. Anyone can awaken from their spiritual slumber by using different ways to connect with the spiritual world such as meditation, prayer, mindfulness, and self-reflection. This allows reconnection with spirit and the higher self.

What is the cause of spiritual slumber?

People can experience spiritual slumber for a number of reasons. For example, they may have suffered a recent trauma or a lack of connection with others. Addiction can also often be a cause of spiritual slumber as can resistance to change.

How can I tell if I’m experiencing spiritual slumber?

If you’re feeling disconnected from others, have a lack of purpose, feel stuck or stagnant and find it hard to be joyful or enthusiastic about things, you might be experiencing a state of spiritual slumber.

Final Thoughts

Spiritual slumber is all about losing connection with the spiritual world and our inner selves. This can often happen after we’ve experienced a trauma or when we’ve undergone a major change like moving to a new state or city. Any major upheavals in our lives can cause us to feel isolated from the universe and this can result in us becoming stuck and stagnant.

However, for anyone who thinks that they may be in a state of spiritual slumber, it’s not that difficult to remedy this. By undertaking some spiritual practices such as meditation or prayer, it’s easy to reconnect with the spiritual world and get back onto the path that leads us to fulfill our life’s purpose.

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