12 Spiritual Meanings Of Pink [Explained]

spiritual meaning of pink

As most people would know, the color pink is often associated with love and people who collect crystals would be aware that pink quartz is the one to use when you want more love in your life. But, are there other spiritual meanings associated with pink?

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Pink is a very spiritual color and is most often related to love and compassion. Interestingly, pink is also known to represent the balance between the physical and spiritual worlds. Here are some of the more common spiritual meanings associated with the color pink.

Unconditional Love And Compassion

Pink is the color of unconditional love and compassion. This also includes self-love and compassion for our own inner struggles and growth stages. So, if you’re constantly being surrounded by pink, take some time to nurture yourself.

Feminine Energy

It’s not surprising that pink is also associated with feminine energy and the loving energy of the mother. That’s probably why, in years gone by, baby girls were often dressed in pink in order to cherish their feminine energy.

Innocence And Joy

Pink is also the color of innocence and joy. It’s far more common for children to wear pink than adults as the color is associated with the young. However, if you see an adult wearing pink, that person may be trying to reconnect with their inner child and rediscover the joys of their childhood.

New Beginnings

Pink can also be associated with new beginnings or a fresh start in life. Seeing a lot of pink around you could mean that something new is about to begin and that you should be happy about this.

Spiritual Growth And Awakening

It’s no surprise that pink, being the color of love, is also associated with spiritual growth. In order to begin our spiritual journey, we need to embrace a love for ourselves and a compassion for the world around us. Once we grasp this concept, the journey of true inner growth can begin.

Not only is pink a sign of imminent spiritual growth but it can also signal a spiritual awakening. Perhaps, you’ve been working on your spiritual growth and you are now ready for some enlightenment.


Pink is also associated with creativity and the power of our imagination. Seeing a lot of pink around you could be a reminder that you should use your imagination and your creativity more often.

Perhaps, you’ve been too busy with all the responsibilities that you have to take care of on a daily basis but your soul yearns to just take some time out and paint a picture or work on another type of creative project. It’s at times like these that you’re likely to see a lot of pink around you.

Divine Guidance

When you’re facing a difficult decision or there’s a problem that needs to be solved, look out for signs of pink around you. This represents a message from your spirit guides that there is divine guidance available if you ask for it. It’s also a sign that you have spiritual protection and that the angels are looking out for you.

Pink also reminds us that we are all connected to the divine and hence, to each other. This is especially important if you’re feeling alone and disconnected. During these times, indulge in buying something special in the color of pink. You’ll be surprised at how much more connected you will suddenly feel.

Harmony And Understanding

If you’re facing some turmoil in your life, consider surrounding yourself with this color for some harmony and understanding. Get some lovely pink candles and a few pieces of pink quartz. When you add these to your environment, you’ll be surrounded by love, harmony and understanding.

Joy And Lightness

If you have to attend a stressful event or an event that you’re nervous about, consider wearing a spot of pink, even if it’s just a scarf. This will help you to bring a little joy and lightness to the occasion and you’ll soon find that it won’t be as stressful as you had imagined.

Healing And Transformation

Pink is also the color that you should turn to if you’re need of some healing or are helping someone close to you heal from a difficult situation. Gift your friend with something in pink to help them feel better and more lighthearted.

Pink helps us heal by showing us the beauty of our souls and reminding us that we should always be kind and gentle with both ourselves and those around us.

Be In The Moment

Pink is the color that can remind us that we should always be in the moment whenever we can. This allows us to enjoy the beauty around us and fills us with peace and harmony.

So often, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the tasks that we have to complete that we fail to focus on what’s currently at hand. For example, worrying about tomorrow being Monday and all the work that awaits us rather than really enjoying a lovely Sunday afternoon.

When you live in the moment rather than worrying about the future, life really does become easier and more filled with joy.

Be Open To Possibilities

We’ve already discovered that pink is associated with new beginnings. Therefore, if you notice a lot of pink around you, it might be a reminder that you should always be open to new possibilities. When we open ourselves to new things and opportunities, we might be surprised at what comes our way.

This should also prompt us to keep learning and growing our knowledge and skills as well as our own inner spiritual growth. When you are constantly on the knowledge path, you might be surprised at the opportunities that may come your way.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does pink symbolize?

Pink symbolizes love, harmony and understanding.

What does pink mean in healing?

In healing, pink is associated with hope, comfort and joy.

What chakra is pink?

Naturally, the heart chakra is pink and also green. This is the middle chakra and is associated with unconditional love and relationships.

Final Thoughts

Pink is the color of love, harmony and understanding. It is a spiritual color that encourages us to continue along our spiritual path but to be kind and caring as we do so. Pink is also a positive color and is filled with hope and new possibilities.

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