13 Spiritual Meanings Of Red [Emotional Power]

spiritual meaning of red

Is red your favorite color? Or, maybe you’re currently seeing the color red everywhere you go. If this is the case, you might be wondering about whether red has any spiritual significance or meanings associated with it.

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There are, in fact, quite a few spiritual meanings associated with the color red. Essentially, red is the color of emotions. It’s also a powerful color that can have a number of effects when we use or wear the color. In general, red is also associated with positivity, vitality, excitement, sexual awakening, strength, danger, aggression, dominance, luck, prosperity, death and war.

As you can see, red is indeed a powerful color and can be associated with all kinds of spiritual meanings.

Emotional Meanings

Red is linked with a number of emotional meanings. Here are just a few:

  • Anger
  • Confidence
  • Energetic
  • Love

As you can see, the color red encompasses a number of quite diverse and powerful emotions from anger to love. It’s also a color that gives us confidence when we wear it.

The Effects That Red Produces

Being such a powerful color, red can have a variety of different effects when we are confronted with it regularly. Here are just a few effects that seeing the color red can have on people:

  • Draws attention
  • Signals caution
  • Increases stimulation
  • Provokes emotions

Once again, the color red seems to have quite a powerful effect due to its vibrancy.

Red Is Associated With Positivity

On the scale of things, red is mostly a positive color. It is often associated with optimism and passion. If red is your favorite color, you’re most likely a positive person.

Red Is Associated With Vitality

You’ll find that red is one color that is almost impossible to ignore. It’s a vibrant color that is often associated with vitality and action. If red is your favorite color, you are most likely someone who enjoys an active lifestyle.

Red Can Signal Sexual Awakening

As you might know, red is often associated with love and therefore, can lead to sexual awakening. It’s also interesting to note that men seem to be drawn to women who wear red rather than those who wear black.

Red Signifies Excitement

Red is also often associated with excitement. This is quite possibly due to the fact that red seems to stimulate our emotions and this can then translate into excitement.

Red Is Associated With Power And Strength

As red is often used as a confidence booster, it seems logical that the color can be regarded as a symbol of power and strength. It’s quite common for a woman to wear a red suit or a man a red tie before going to an important meeting. It’s also said that people who wear red often are more likely to be successful in their chosen career.

Try it! Put on an article of clothing in the color red and see how much more confident you feel. If you go out while you’re wearing red, you might even find that you’ll receive more compliments than when you’re wearing more subdued colors.

Red Is Also Associated With Danger

Think about road signs or other types of signs that you see in the environment that are meant to warn you of danger. More often than not, these signs will be red or at least, be marked with red.

Consider stop signs. These are all in red as are the traffic lights that tell us to stop. Even the brake lights on cars are colored red. That’s because red is often the color of fire and fire can certainly be dangerous.

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Red Can Stimulate Aggression

As red is so good at stimulating emotions, it’s also associated with stimulating aggression. For example, the bull fighters in Spain use a red cloth to stir up aggression within the animal that they’re sparring with.

This brings us to the conclusion that people who have a tendency toward aggressive behavior should probably avoid wearing the color red in case it helps to stimulate their aggressive behavior even more.

Red Signifies Dominance

It makes perfect sense that such a powerful color like red would signify dominance. Remember that red is often associated with power and strength. Therefore, it would be quite logical to think that it is also associated with dominance.

You might notice that prominent leaders within society will often favor the color red because it does signify dominance. Red is also a popular color with royalty. And, of course, there’s the red carpet that is laid out at special events around the world.

Red Is Associated With Luck And Prosperity

You’ll often see the color red featured prominently in Chinese ceremonies and traditions. This is because the Chinese regard red as a very lucky and prosperous number. It’s also often seen in Feng Shui trinkets and ornaments.

Plus, it’s difficult to find a Chinese restaurant that doesn’t use red in most of its furnishings. It’s also common for Chinese people to exchange red envelopes during special celebrations like Chinese New Year.

Similarly, red is also seen as a lucky color in Japan. In fact, Japanese brides will often wear red kimonos on their wedding day in order to bless their marriage with luck.

Red Can Also Be Associated With Death

In Africa, however, red is seen as the color of death. Of course, this stems from the fact that red is also the color of blood, and a significant loss of blood is associated with death. In fact, it’s quite common to see African mourners dressed entirely in red.

Red Was Also Regarded As The Color Of War

In ancient Egyptian times, the color red was identified as the color of war. This is because red is also the natural color of blood and fire.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the symbolic meaning of red?

The color red has many symbolic meanings. It can symbolize courage, life, love, passion, power, anger, danger, war, and health.

Is red the most powerful color?

Red is believed to be the most powerful color in the entire animal kingdom.

Is the color red good luck?

Many Asian cultures see red as a lucky color. This is why it is often used in the Chinese practice of Feng Shui.

Final Thoughts

Red is quite a dynamic and powerful color, and it has many different spiritual meanings depending on your culture and beliefs. Some of these are highly positive while others have much more ominous meanings.

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