19 Spiritual Meanings Of The Color Orange [Explained]

spiritual meaning of the color orange

To many people, the color orange is quite a happy and uplifting color. It’s bright and vibrant but not as power-filled as the color red. If orange is your favorite color, you might wonder what the spiritual significance of this color is.

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Orange is the color of the sacral chakra. This chakra represents your sexual desires and motivations. Orange is created by blending primary colors red and yellow. This means that it’s a lovely balance between these two colors. It also means that orange is a balancing color itself which is why it’s often associated with happiness and joy.

Here are some of the most important spiritual meanings of the color orange.


The color orange can symbolize strength and endurance. It is particularly prudent to rely on this color when you’re facing a difficult situation or challenge in your life. Try putting on an orange scarf, tie or shirt for a boost of strength and endurance.


We’ve already learned that orange is a balancing color, but it can also help you create balance in your life when it feels like everything is totally out of control.


If you’re feeling a little stressed, tired and overworked, surround yourself with the color orange. This magical color can help you to rejuvenate yourself and find a renewed sense of purpose and energy.


We all experience times in our lives when we need a change. By using the color orange, you can easily transform certain parts of your life or even your thoughts.


The color orange is often referred to as the color of creativity. It can help you at times when your imagination or your creativity is waning. For example, you might want to surround your workspace will some bright spots of orange like maybe, a bright bunch of orange flowers or a lovely orange citrus-scented candle.

This should definitely give your creativity a boost and have you working on a new project with energy and enthusiasm.


As we’ve already discussed, orange is a happy color and you can’t help but feel optimistic when your are surrounded by this color. So, if your attitude is a little on the negative side or you’re having trouble dealing with negative feelings, add some orange colored items to your surroundings and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to turn your negative thoughts into positive ones.


We already know that orange is the color of the sacral chakra, so it’s obvious that it would be associated with passion, desire and motivation.


Having some of the elements of red, orange can also often be associated with abundance and prosperity.


Orange is also associated with wisdom and knowledge. This is especially true when you think about spiritual wisdom and the inherent inner knowledge that each one of us possesses.


Orange is associated with the life force. This means that it can provide you with a burst of energy when you need it the most.


If you’re struggling with your spiritual journey, you can use orange to help you become more self-aware and tap into your inner knowledge. Try engaging in a spot of meditation while surrounding yourself with orange candles.


Orange can give you the courage to face any challenges that you might have and also to deal with difficult situations that you might find yourself in.


We now know that orange is a happy color but it can also be associated with feeling a sense of freedom to be who you are and to express yourself freely without having to fear any consequences.

So, if your life feels a little stagnant, you can use the color orange to break free from whatever seems to be bogging you down.


This relates well to the balancing aspects of the color orange. At times when you are feeling unbalanced, use the color orange to regain harmony between your mind, body and spirit.


Remember that orange is a combination of red and yellow and that red is often associated with confidence and power. Because orange is a blend of red, it too has the ability to imbue you with self-confidence but without some of the brashness that is often associated with red.


Orange is a very calm and spiritual color. Therefore, it is also often associated with healing both of the mind and the body. That’s one of the reasons that many healing religions around the world use orange as their primary color.

Spiritual Growth

In the same vein, orange is also often associated with spiritual growth. Therefore, when you want to focus on your spiritual path, you should utilize the color orange to help you along your journey.


Orange is also associated with empathy and understanding. It can help you to see others with a more balanced view. This can be especially important if you’re dealing with someone who appears to be depressed or sad. Apart from giving yourself a boost of empathy, you can also help this person to feel better by gifting them something that is orange in color.


Whenever you’re feeling a bit flat and need a boost, utilize the color orange to fill you with joy, happiness and a sense of fulfillment. Buy yourself a big bunch of orange gerberas or maybe some new orange throw cushions for your lounge or your bed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What energy does orange represent?

The color orange represents both creative and sexual energy. It is also the color of the sacral chakra.

What emotions do orange represent?

Orange is associated with feelings of enthusiasm and high energy. The color also represents happiness and friendliness. It’s generally regarded as a happy color.

Why does orange represent healing?

Generally, orange is associated with health and vitality. It’s a color that is associated with wellness and happy emotional energy.

Final Thoughts

Orange is a happy and joyful color that can be useful at times when you’re not feeling great. It will help to uplift you and fill you with joy. It can also help you to balance your mind, body and spirit when life has disrupted your spiritual journey.

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