9 Spiritual Meanings Of Vertigo [Explained]

spiritual meaning of vertigo

The experience of vertigo can be very uncomfortable and disorienting. The phenomenon can also cause vomiting and nausea as well as a feeling of dizziness. There are two types of vertigo, central vertigo and peripheral vertigo.

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While central vertigo can be caused by spinal cord or brain problems, peripheral vertigo can be caused by inner ear issues. However, there are also numerous spiritual meanings that are attributed to vertigo.

Vertigo is often attributed to a problem with the Ajna chakra or the third eye. When the third eye isn’t functioning as it should, there’s a disconnect between the spiritual and physical world. This results in feelings of dizziness and vertigo.

Here are some of the more common spiritual meanings associated with vertigo.

You Have Doubts About Life And Death

If you’re unsure about your future and don’t know where your life is heading, you may experience vertigo. Especially, if you are feeling somewhat empty and your life doesn’t seem worthwhile.

This indicates that you are out of balance and not in tune with your inner guidance. In other words, your third eye is not functioning as it should.

You Are Experiencing Bouts Of Anxiety

If you’re prone to anxiety attacks, you will be familiar with vertigo as this is a common occurrence for people who suffer from anxiety. In fact, anxiety attacks can be so debilitating that the person who suffers from them cannot even leave their house.

Therefore, it’s important to find out what triggers your anxiety so that you can find solutions to avoid future attacks.

Your Life Is Out Of Balance

This makes perfect sense, because experiencing vertigo makes you feel unbalanced. This also means that you’re not grounded and feel like you don’t have adequate control over your life and future.

You may also experience vertigo while you’re going through a major life change. This is because your life is undergoing upheaval, and you haven’t had time to rebalance yourself.

In these situations, it often helps to find some balance by engaging in meditation or other natural healing practices.

You’re Experiencing A Spiritual Awakening

During a spiritual awakening different energies move in and out of your body. While the old, stuck energy leaves your body it is being replaced with fresh, new energy and all this movement can cause feelings of vertigo or dizziness.

However, it usually doesn’t take long for this feeling to pass. Once your body has regained its natural balance, you shouldn’t continue to experience any vertigo or dizziness.

Your Chakra System Is Out Of Balance

An imbalance in your chakra system is quite common when you’ve had a spiritual awakening. It takes some time for your physical body to adjust to your new level of consciousness, which can cause vertigo or dizziness.

After a little time, your body will adjust and your vertigo will disappear.

You Might Be Desperate For Love

If you’re desperate for a loving relationship but you don’t know where to look for your soul mate, you might experience vertigo. This signifies that your search is making you spin out of control or that you’re just looking too hard.

Instead, you should try to relax and let love find you. Engage in some of the things that bring you joy, join a club or take up a new hobby. You might be surprised what turns up when you’re doing what you love the most.

It’s Time To Clear Negative Ego Aspects From Your Subconscious

If you’re experiencing vertigo during a spiritual awakening, it might mean that you need to clear some native ego aspects from your subconscious as these are causing your energies to spin out of control.

These negative aspects could include feelings of unworthiness, shame, or guilt as well as self-doubt and lack of trust. You might also still be harboring feelings of abandonment or betrayal. Or, perhaps there are issues with anger, rage, or fear that you haven’t fully addressed yet.

To help clear these negative emotions, try to engage in periods of meditation on a regular basis. Work on each emotion, one at a time and release it as it no longer serves you and has no place in your subconscious now.

You Don’t Have A Clear Direction In Life

When your life has no direction, it might well feel like you’re spinning out of control because you don’t know where to go. In this case, you need to get in tune with your inner self and really listen to your intuition.

It’s also a good idea to undertake some meditation and ask for directional guidance from the angels and your spirit guides. Then, look for signs in your waking world that will show you exactly where you should be heading.

You Need To Make Time For Yourself

Sometimes, our lives get so busy that we forget to make time just for us. This can leave you feeling overwhelmed and can result in vertigo. Therefore, it’s important that you schedule regular time for yourself.

Whether this involves going for a walk along a sandy beach or through a lovely green forest or enjoying some quiet time listening to your favorite music or reading a book, it’s important that you make time for this on a regular basis.

This helps to nurture both your mind and your body and helps you to get back into balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What emotion causes vertigo?

Vertigo is often associated with emotions of anxiety, fear, stress, frustration, panic, anger and embarrassment.

Can spiritual awakening cause vertigo?

Sometimes, people who experience a spiritual awakening may also experience a bout of vertigo or dizziness.

What does vertigo mean in the bible?

This is referred to as spiritual vertigo. It results in a person’s life spinning out of control when there are issues with sins that have not been resolved.

Final Thoughts

Many people experience vertigo at some time in their life. It usually happens during times of stress, uncertainty or change. It’s also a common occurrence for people who are undergoing a spiritual awakening as the body gets used to a new state of consciousness and new energy flows.


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