8 Spiritual Meanings of Someone Cutting My Hair [Explained]

spiritual meaning of someone cutting my hair

Usually, when someone cuts your hair, it’s because you’ve asked them to and you made an appointment beforehand for just that purpose. There are superstitions that suggest that someone cutting your hair is good luck, especially if you wanted your hair cut. But, are there any spiritual meanings to getting your hair cut?

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Interestingly, getting your hair cut is a sign of change. This makes sense because the cutting of your hair means that it’s going to look a little or a lot different from before it was cut.

Let’s explore what cutting your hair means symbolically.

Hair Is Regarded As A Symbol Of Growth

As your hair is regarded as a symbol of growth, when you decide to get your hair cut or adopt an entirely differently style, it means that you’re ready for something new. This could be as simple as a new gardening project or something more major like a move to a new state or city.

Your Hair Is How You Express Yourself

Many people change their hairstyle when something happens in their lives to bring about change. Changing your hair is also a good way to express yourself. Your hairstyle is part of your personal image and how you want the world to see you.

Therefore, when you decide to have your hair cut, it may mean that you are wanting to change how people around you see you.

A Change Has Really Affected Your Life

It’s actually quite common for someone to change their hairstyle quite dramatically after he or she has experienced a major change in life. In fact, many people will go from having long hair to having it cut short or some will go for a dramatic color change instead.

What this means is that the change you’ve experienced has had quite an emotional effect on you and this is your way of transferring all that emotion into something physical.

Take Better Care Of The Gifts You’ve Been Endowed With

In many spiritual circles, when someone cuts your hair it means that you should take better care of the gifts that you’ve been blessed with.

In the event that you’re overdue for a haircut and you finally make the appointment and someone cuts your hair, it could mean that there are other areas in your life that could do with some extra care and attention.

For example, your health may need some attention and it’s a good idea to have a checkup. Or, your attitude may have slipped recently and needs a bit of readjustment. Perhaps, you’ve been neglecting your career and you need to refocus on what’s important to take you along the path that you’re supposed to go.

You Need To Let Go Or Remove Something From Your Life

When someone gives you a haircut, you’re letting go of overgrown hair that no longer serves you. This could mean that there other things in your life that you should let go of or that you need to walk away from or remove from your life.

Perhaps, the time has come for you to start a new chapter in your life.

You Have Trouble Establishing Meaningful Relationships

Many people will go to the same stylist time after time because they’ve built up trust with that person and have even built a friendship with him or her.

However, if you’re inclined to go to a different stylist every time you want to get your hair cut, it could mean that you have trouble getting close to other people or creating meaningful friendships or relationships.

On the other hand, this could mean that you’re going to make a new friend.

You Feel That Someone Is Taking Away Your Power

If you dream about someone cutting your hair, it could have an entirely different meaning spiritually. This is because our dreams are often manifestations and interpretations of things that are going on in our physical lives.

One such interpretation of someone cutting your hair could be that you feel that someone in your life is taking away your power or even, that someone is out to do you harm.

For example, there might someone in your workplace who is consistently working to undermine your efforts and causing you some stress in your waking life. This stress could present itself in your dreams as someone cutting your hair. In other words, that person is trying to take away your power and your chance to excel in the workplace.

You Need To Trust Yourself More

If you have a dream about cutting your own hair, it could have one of two meanings. If the haircut looks great, then it means that you trust yourself and have faith in your own decision making.

However, it could also be a message from the universe that you need to trust yourself more. In other words, you have all the skills and knowledge that you need, so that you can forge ahead on your path without hesitation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the spiritual meaning of someone cutting my hair in a dream?

When you dream about someone cutting your hair, it could be an indication that change is coming your way and this dream message wants to prepare you for that change.

What is the symbolism of a woman cutting her hair?

If a woman cuts her hair it can mean that she is in the process of changing her life. This especially happens after a breakup or before a new beginning like the start of a new venture or career path.

What chakra controls hair?

The only chakra that sits outside our bodies is the crown chakra that sits just above our heads. If you have a lot of thick and voluminous hair, it’s likely that the crown chakra will sit within your hair above your head.

Final Thoughts

When someone cuts your hair, it often means that you’re in for a change. Not only are you changing your physical appearance but there may also be significant changes about to happen in your life.

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