What is The Spiritual Significance of Being Born Breech [Explained!]

what is the spiritual significance of being born breech

Being born breech cannot only cause health problems for the baby that is being born but it can also have a significant spiritual implication for the person’s life journey and the path that they have chosen during this lifetime.

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What Is A Breech Birth?

A breech birth occurs when the baby is in the wrong position and is delivered feet first or buttocks first instead of head first. This can happen in almost 4 percent of all deliveries. Although babies can be delivered naturally if they are in a breech position, more often than not, these babies are delivered via a cesarean.

These types of births are considered more complicated than a regular head-first birth and are more likely to cause issues for the infants such as breathing difficulties and cerebral palsy. Some breech births can even result in the infant’s death.

Fortunately, with today’s modern medical practices, babies are far less likely to suffer any major issues if they happen to be born breech and more often than not, there is the possibility to actually turn the baby before the birth commences.

However, although a breech birth can be more complicated for baby and mother, it can also have a significance in the spiritual journey of the soul who is born this way.

Let’s look at some of the spiritual meanings that are associated with being born breech.

It Indicates That The Person Is Grounded

Because in a breech birth, the individual is born feet or buttocks first, it could indicate that he or she is well grounded. This means that the person is likely to be down-to-earth and practical.

More often than not, those born breech make excellent leaders because they are considered level-headed and can handle stress well.

On the more negative side, people who are born breech may have trouble relaxing, unwinding and letting go.

It Can Indicate That The Person Has A Higher Perspective

When a person is born breech, their head is higher in the womb and does not come out first like in a normal birth. Therefore, it’s believed that the child will have a higher perspective than children born in the traditional way.

This could mean that as the child grows up, it will have a deeper understanding of the world compared to its peers. Quite often, these children are referred to as old souls and can seem wise beyond their years.

It’s quite common for people who are born breech to follow a more spiritual path in life because they are more in tune with their higher selves and the spiritual realm itself.

It Can Indicate A Unique Personality

Because breech births are not all that common and only happen in around 3 to 4 percent of all pregnancies, it’s believed that anyone who is actually born breech has a unique personality and is somehow different.

However, each and every person on this planet has their own unique personality so there must be something special about the personality or perspective of a person who is born breech. Perhaps these people have a special talent or skill that they will be called upon to use during their life’s journey.

Another personality trait that is often considered in people who are born breech is that they have a rather rebellious nature. In other words, they can be considered as being strong-willed and independent.

While this might be a common stereotype, many people will be prone to live up to the stereotype that they have been branded with at an early age.

Another way to look at this is that a person who is born breech is not entering the world in a conventional way and therefore, they are not going to be leading a conventional life. In other words, their life path may involve more creative and spiritual pursuits.

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A Breech Birth Can Signify A Long Life

Because a breech birth can take considerably longer than a normal birth, it is believed that someone who is born breech will also have a long life.

This could indicate that the person has a long journey ahead that they need to complete during their time here on earth.

Another belief is that people who are born breech do have a higher purpose in life and could possibly be destined for greatness. In fact, numerous famous people were actually born breech.

It’s also understood that many people who are born breech are left-handed and this is commonly associated with genius. Left-handedness is also associated with creativity.

Breech Born People May Have Healing Powers

Another common belief or superstition about people who are born breech is that they have healing powers. This is because the way that they were born means that they are meant to be different.

Certain beliefs also say that breech babies have a higher possibility of possessing psychic abilities because they have a special connection to the water element.

How Different Cultures Around The World View A Breech Birth

As is often the case, different cultures around the world, both modern and ancient, have their own spiritual meanings that they associate with a breech birth.

In some ancient cultures, it was believed that a breech birth was the result of divine intervention and that the child was to have great power and respect.

One very interesting understanding comes from the beliefs of ancient Egyptians. They believed that if a pregnant woman dreamed about her child being born head first, the child would be a boy and would grow up to be king. Their belief was that being born head first signified strength.

On the other hand, if the pregnant woman dreamed that her baby was born feet first, it was believed she would have a girl and this girl would grow up to be queen. This is because they believed that being born feet first signified weakness.

The ancient Greeks also had their own interpretation of a breech born baby. They believed that a child born breech on the seventh day would have been blessed by the gods. In addition to this, they believed that these children would be more intelligent than others.

According to traditional Indian beliefs, a baby who is born breech has special healing powers especially for people who suffer from sprains, cramps or muscular injuries. In this ancient culture, it was believed that by stroking the affected area with the baby’s foot on three different occasions would provide relief.

Interesting Fact
A study conducted in Hungary in the period between 1996 and 2011, concluded that it was more likely for breech babies to be girls than boys.

Final Thoughts

A breech birth is where the baby is born feet or buttocks first rather than head first. This can result in a more complicated birth and care is taken to ensure the safety of the baby if a natural delivery is to go ahead. For this reason, many babies who are presented in the breech position will be delivered by cesarean section rather than naturally.

There are also many spiritual meanings associated with being born breech. Because the child is entering the world in a more unconventional way, it could mean that it will have an unconventional life. It could also mean that the child has a higher spiritual awareness and may be following a path of spiritual learning.

There are also many different cultures that have their own spiritual meanings associated with a breech birth. Some believe that a baby who is born breech has special healing powers while others believe that breech babies are generally more intelligent and spiritually aware.

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