Strawberry Birthmark Spiritual Meaning [Learn The Special Meanings!]

what does a strawberry birthmark mean spiritually

In this article we will be looking at the spiritual meanings of the strawberry birthmark, which is also known as an angel’s kiss.

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The spiritual meaning of a strawberry birthmark is belonging to God and being chosen as a special person, potentially to undergo a special task. The medical explanation for the strawberry birthmark states it’s just a small group of capillary blood vessels close to the skin.

There are a few spiritual meanings for having a strawberry birthmark, and we will go through them one by one.

If you or someone close to has a strawberry birthmark and you’ve always wondered why or if there is a symbolic behind it, then keep reading and we will reveal everything we know.

In the bible birthmarks as seen as a sign of ownership, and you don’t belong to yourself. Birthmarks are used by God to show you are a special person.

If you have a birthmark on your face, it can be a sign from God which means he has chosen you for a special task. You are here to be Gods servant and travel the world as a missioner helping people.

The bible also states that a birthmark is a mark of protection. In the book of Galatians, the apostle Paul was told ‘let no man trouble me, for on my body I bear the mark of Jesus’

This is why birthmarks are seen as a mark of protection against evil spirits and witchcraft practices.

Another belief is that the birthmark is placed on you to teach you how to rely on God, you will also learn that you belong to him and will rely on him for instructions.

In the spiritual world one meaning for the strawberry birthmark is attraction. So if you have a strawberry birthmark on your face, it’s a sign of attraction.

It’s believed people with a strawberry birthmark will be popular and draw people towards them without any effort on their part.

The bearer of the strawberry birthmark will receive a great deal of attention, and it is up to the bearer what they do with this attention.

We’ve already mentioned how God marks people with strawberry birthmarks to show they are protected or are a missioner.

However, if your strawberry birthmark is on your left arm, it means the universe has an alternative path set out for you.

So unless your strawberry birthmark is on your left arm, then you can assume you are Gods special possession and you are here to carry out his work and spread his messages, this is why you have to remain pure at all times.

Other signs and meanings of strawberry birthmarks we will be exploring


A Sign You’re Living in The Past

A strawberry birthmark (or beauty mark) could be a sign that you are living in the past. It could indicate you have made mistakes in the past and now it’s time to let them go, forgive yourself and move on.

Having the strawberry birthmark on your skin is a sign, it’s representing total freedom from your past.

The universe has placed this strawberry birthmark on your skin to remind you to stop living in the past, let it go and live for today, live for this very moment.

Once you acknowledge this and let the past go, the strawberry birthmark will disappear.

It Shows You Are Protected

If your strawberry birthmark is on your right arm, then this is another sign of protection. Having the birthmark on your right arm will give you protection against any evil or spiritual attacks.

Faithful Christians believe the strawberry birthmark is a mark of protection given to them by God. They believe they have been marked by his red blood, hence the strawberry birthmark is red.

So from this it is assumed that anyone carrying the strawberry birthmark has been given the mark of protection from God.

A Vision From The Spirit World

If you have a strawberry birthmark under your eyelid it is a sign of spiritual vision. It means the universe has given you the ability to have visions, which could be clairvoyance, mediumship or some other form of seeing into the spirit world.

You have been marked beneath your eye which signifies you a prophet of God.

When you have the strawberry birthmark beneath your eye, it’s like having an extra set of eyes which allow you to see directly into the spirit world.

Once you discover the strawberry birthmark under your eyelid, it is time to open your eyes and begin to look into the spirit world.

When you accept and embrace this special ability the Strawberry birthmark will disappear.

Be Courageous

If you have a strawberry birthmark and it appears to be in the shape of a lion or an eagle, then this represents courage. This applies to any birthmark that takes on the shape of an animal.

We take on the energy of that animal, so if the birthmark is the shape of a lion then it represents courage.

When we have a birthmark that appear in spirit animal shapes, it could be a prophetic message. It could be at some point in our life, we need to become the energy the animal represents to get through a certain future situation in our life.

Interesting Fact
4-5% of all infants get strawberry birthmarks, although they are more common in Caucasian girls, twins and preterm or low birth weight babies.

A Sign of Wisdom

If you have a strawberry birthmark and it appears in the form of a small snake or the letter s, this is a sign to prepare yourself to take on spiritual wisdom.

Spiritually small snakes represent a wise spirit animal, and the energy will be shared with anyone who bears and embraces the mark.

If you do have a small snake, the letter S or a spiral strawberry birthmark then it is time to meditate and connect with the spiritual snake so it can begin transferring you wisdom.

Being Passionate About Your Goals and Dreams

As strawberry birthmarks are red and in spirituality red represents passion and desire, another lesson to be learned from the strawberry birthmark is to be passionate about our goals and dreams in all areas of your life.

The strawberry birthmark should serve as a reminder for you to follow your goals and dreams.

Birthmarks Are Lucky

Birthmarks are a sign of good luck. You have probably already experienced this in life. Perhaps when you’ve been with your friends, and you win a prize or something good happens to you or the end result turns out to be positive.

It is also believed that if you touch your strawberry birthmark with a set intention, then the intention will actually manifest.

Many cultures believe that birthmarks are good luck, and the strawberry birthmark is no different, this mark will attract more luck into your life.

A Sign of Your Past Life

Many children who are born with a strawberry birthmark have memories of a specific event in a past life. It could be that you were reincarnated if you are the bearer of the strawberry birthmark.

This a superstitious belief, however some psychic research was apparently done, which concluded this theory to be true.

As already mentioned, the birthmark is said to disappear once we understand the message, accept it and embrace it.

In this instance, the strawberry birthmark is there to draw your attention to a past life, and once this is done, again the birthmark is said to disappear.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are strawberry birthmarks rare?

Around 4-5% of all infants get strawberry birthmarks.

Do strawberry birthmarks disappear?

Yes strawberry birthmarks tend to just disappear on their own.

Are strawberry birthmarks lucky?

Yes, all around the world many people believe them to be lucky.

Do strawberry birthmarks just appear?

Yes they do, usually within the first few months of a babies life.

Do strawberry birthmarks grow?

Yes they can grow rapidly in the first year of appearing.

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