What Do Cold Hands Mean Spiritually?

It’s common for our hands to feel cold when the temperature dips outside in the middle of winter, especially if we’re not wearing gloves. There can also be many medical explanations for having cold hands such as poor circulation. But, have you ever wondered if there’s a spiritual meaning to having cold hands.

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If you experience cold hands suddenly, then it could be an indication that the spirit world is trying to communicate with you. It could be that you’re receiving an important message from your angels, your spirit guides or a loved one who has passed over. Therefore, it’s important to stop what you’re doing and concentrate on the thoughts that have entered your mind or consider what you were thinking about when you felt your hands going cold.

There are a number of important messages associated with cold hands, especially if you suddenly notice that your hands are cold. We’re going to explore these in more details.

You Are Experiencing Some Kind Of Inner Fear

Cold hands could indicate that you have a sense of fear that you’re not entirely aware of or have acknowledged. This could be as a result of making a career change, moving to a new city or embarking on any kind of new opportunity.

While you may be excited about the prospect on the surface, deep within, you are experiencing an intense level of fear. You might be worrying about the challenges and whether you’re going to be able to handle them. Fear of the unknown is very common but quite often, the fear that we create is not founded in reality.

It’s perfectly fine to have some trepidation when you’re about to embark on a new adventure but don’t let the fear of the unknown immobilize you and stop you from moving forward.

You should take heed when you suddenly experience cold hands during a time of change. It’s a sign from the universe that your fears are unfounded and that you are perfectly capable of handling whatever challenges come your way.

So, in other words, you need to let go of the inner fear that you’re feeling and move forward with the knowledge that everything is going to be fine and that you have the strength and courage to meet any possible challenges head on and deal with them.

what do cold hands mean spiritually

You Are Overcome With Sorrow From The Loss Of A Loved One

When you lose a loved one, your heart is filled with sorrow and pain. This could lead to cold hands as an expression of the pain that you feel deep within.

Experiencing cold hands while you’re grieving could also indicate that your departed loved one is nearby and trying to reassure you that everything is going to be fine. The loss that you feel will abate with time and you will experience happiness again.

Take comfort in the understanding that you are being supported by the spirit world and that your inner strength will return.

You Are About To Experience A Breakthrough

Another reason that you are experiencing cold hands is that a breakthrough is about to happen in your life. It could mean that a difficult phase is about to end and a more exciting and rewarding phase is about to begin.

In this sense, having cold hands is a good omen because it means that you are moving into a more prosperous time in your life. This is especially auspicious if you’ve just started a new business or are in the process of making some changes for the future of your business.

The fact that your hands have suddenly turned cold means that your plans are going to have the positive results that you are hoping for.

Consider also, that you may be heading towards greater spiritual awakening. This can especially be true if you’ve been working on your spiritual growth. Therefore, when you experience cold hands during a period of growth, it’s a sign from the spirit world that you should continue to push forward as your spiritual awakening is just around the corner.

You Are Needing A Push

If you’re currently in a state of inactivity or are simply going through a phase of laziness, having cold hands suddenly could be a push from the universe. It’s a gentle reminder that you are not doing what you should to more forward in your life.

Therefore, take note of the message and start taking some action. Whether this means working harder on your business or immersing yourself in your studies, it’s important that you spend time working on the tasks at hand.

You Have Become Spiritually Cold

Have you stopped working on your spiritual side? Maybe life has become too busy and you just don’t have the time or energy to meditate or listen to your intuition. You’ve just become engrossed with the busyness of life and your inner self has been pushed to the side.

If your hands are feeling cold a lot, it could be an indication that negative things are entering your life because you’re not giving any attention to keeping your spiritual energy warm and glowing.

It could also mean that your chakras are not aligned and that you are out of balance. When your chakras are aligned fully, your hands should feel nice and warm. Therefore, cold hands indicate that something is out of balance and you need to work on realigning your chakras.

Consider putting some time aside on a daily basis to meditate and to start to focus on improving your inner spirituality. Listen to what your intuition is telling you instead of pushing away those inner feelings because you’re just too busy.

You May Have Closed Your Mind To New Ideas

Bear in mind that the physical cause of cold hands is related to a lack of blood flow to your extremities. When put into a spiritual context, it could indicate that there is also a lack of flow of new and creative ideas coming into your mind.

This could indicate that you have closed your mind. The coldness in your hands is a reminder from the universe that you need to be open to new ideas and to learning new things. This will strengthen your creativity and allow new opportunities to present themselves to you.

What Can You Do When You Experience Cold Hands?

First and foremost, you should rule out any medical concerns that may be causing a lack of blood flow to your hands. Then, if you’re in good health and you notice times that your hands suddenly feel cold, stop and listen.

Remember that giving you chills is a common way for the spiritual world to communicate with you. Therefore, when you feel your hands going cold, stop and consider what you were thinking about. Were you pondering a problem? Are you trying to make an important decision for your life going forward?

If you quieten your mind at times like these, your spiritual guides are able to give you the answers you’re looking for. Remember that our spirit guides often communicate with us by putting thoughts into our head. Conversely, some people find that meditating works well as they see visions while their eyes are closed. Even dreams can provide you with spiritual communication.

Therefore, if you are acutely aware of your hands being cold at certain times, consider the thoughts that are coming into your mind. It could be an answer to a problem you’ve been trying to solve. Or, you could be looking for some type of inspiration for a new project that you’re working on.

Can Cold Hands Indicate Negative Energy?

You now understand that experiencing cold hands can indicate that your spirit guides are trying to communicate with you. However, it could also indicate that there is negative energy around you.

This energy could be coming from your surroundings or it could be coming from within you. Therefore, it’s important to note how you were feeling when your hands went cold. If you were anxious or unhappy, your hands could be reflecting the negative energy deep within you.

Having cold hands could also indicate some negative energy that is coming from another person or from a place that you’re visiting. When you feel your hands going cold, observe your surroundings carefully. Is there a possibility that the negative energy could be coming from someone else?

If you’re at home and you feel your hands turn cold when you have a visitor, it could be that person was radiating some negative energy. After he or she leaves, consider smudging your home with some sage or burning some frankincense in your oil burner to eliminate any residual energy they left behind.

Final Thoughts

Primarily, experiencing cold hands indicates that the spiritual world is trying to communicate with you. It could be a message from your spirit guides, your angels or even a special loved one who is no longer with you.

Therefore, when you feel your hands becoming cold, consider taking a quiet moment and listening to the thoughts coming into your mind. You might just get the answer that you’ve been looking for,

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