What Do Hiccups Mean Spiritually?

what do hiccups mean spiritually

Everyone in the world experience’s hiccups at one time or another. There are many explanations for why we get hiccups, including what we find in folklore, myths and old wives tales.

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However, these explanations also provide us with an endless list of spiritual reasons we get hiccups.

We’re going to be taking a look into the spiritual reasons we hiccup and see if we can find some answers.

Many people believe hiccups happen when someone is missing or thinking about you. Others believe it’s clearing negative energy from your body.

Are Hiccups a Message From The Universe?

Some people believe that hiccups are a message from the universe. The universe is trying to connect with us, so we get hiccups as a little sign to pay attention to ourselves.

Perhaps we’ve been neglecting our higher self and getting too involved in the physical world.

Or maybe we aren’t paying enough attention to our spiritual self, it could also be we are struggling or need an answer to a question. By getting hiccups, is the way the universe is responding to us, to attract our attention and provide us with the answer.

Others believe we get hiccups when we are growing, and the hiccups are an indication of our vibrational frequency rising. When we have reached our potential at that said frequency then the hiccups will stop.

Sometimes we don’t know what the messages are, because we are too wrapped up in the physical world. Maybe the whole message is just to tell us to get back in touch with our spiritual side.

Maybe it’s because we have some anxiety or stress, and the universe is trying to guide us back to our higher self.

Whenever you get hiccups next, take 10 minutes alone, analyse the situation you were in when they started and try and see if you can figure out the message.

Interesting Fact
It’s been said that when we get hiccups, it means someone is missing us, all you have to do is guess the name of the person and say it out loud, then your hiccups will stop!

Spiritual Reasons for Hiccups In Different Cultures

Like I said earlier, everyone gets hiccups at one time or another. Different countries and cultures all have their own spiritual meaning for why we get hiccups.

In Russia they believe you get hiccups when someone is thinking about you. It could be in a positive or negative way, and the way to stop this is by guessing who it might be. When you guess correctly the hiccups will stop.

Some Nigerian people believe that when you get hiccups you’re being attacked by spirits. In traditional have all sorts of rituals to help rid bad spirits.

Similar to Russia, many Indian people believe that when you get hiccups it signifies someone is really missing you, and again you have to guess the persons name to make it stop.

Some people go further than that and believe that when you hiccup, your soulmate will also have hiccups, then when you think of each other the hiccups will stop. This is taken as a very real sign of true love.

All around the world people have their own traditions and beliefs, so we do get the old wives tales too, one of which is hiccups are a sign you’ve been possessed by the devil.

Hiccups and The Clearing of Bad Energy

Another reason for hiccups is believed to be when we are clearing bad energy from the body.

It’s been said that many people experience hiccups when they are trying to connect with spirits, or they are cleansing their body or doing some other spiritual ritual.

This would make perfect sense if indeed the spirits were trying to connect with us, as when we are doing spiritual work, we are at our most focussed and paying attention.

People have said after having their chakras unblocked, they have experienced hiccups, this leads them to believe the hiccups are a gateway for the bad energy to escape.

It’s also been mentioned that if you are having negative thoughts about someone, or them about you, then you will often experience hiccups, again releasing the negative energy.

Hiccups In Spirit Guides, Animals and Guardian Angels

So, we all know our spirit guides and spirit animals are there to protect us and help us to grow, to guide us and keep us on the right path. Some people believe that when we get hiccups, this is our spirit guide trying to connect with us and get our attention.

These messages can be very subtle, and if you’re still learning how to read messages then you could miss it.

It’s important to meditate and try to connect with your guides, then the message they are trying to communicate to you will be easier to understand. Putting together everything we’ve read here, there is another possibility as to why we get hiccups.

For the people who believe we get hiccups when someone talks bad about you, maybe it’s possible the reason we get hiccups at that time, is because our guides are trying to tap into us to warn that someone is talking bad about us.

Our guides wouldn’t want us having people in our lives that speak negative about us, so perhaps the message is to look at your circle of family and friends and see if there is anyone who might need removing from your circle.

That’s the thing with trying to be the best version of yourself, when you’re trying to grow and be enlightened, negative people pull you back and suck you too far into the physical world.

Our spirit guides know only too well that if we have negative people around us, we will never meet our full spiritual potential.

So it would make sense why our guides would reach out to us at times when others were being negative about you.

Hiccups From Our Ancestors

This explanation is a little different from the others, as it’s looking at hiccups from a different angle, evolution to be precise. There are people who believe hiccups came from our ancestors, from when humans were in the sea and amphibians.

They believe we’ve inherited this hiccup from our amphibians’ ancestors, and so similar to toads and frogs, we make the involuntary hiccup sound.

Another belief in spiritualism is that for one person to enter the world another has to leave. It’s also believed that we all have traits from our ancestors.

It’s common knowledge that pregnant women get hiccups more during pregnancy, and therefore thought that the hiccups relate to the passing on of the spirit and traits.

Could it be true that each time the pregnant woman gets a bout of hiccups, it’s the traits being passed onto the baby from our ancestors.

I’m sure you have all experienced a new member of the family being born, and for example, how they put their hand behind their head when they sleep, and thought – that’s just how grandad used to sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are hiccups a good sign?

Yes, most people think they are a good sign, many believe it means someone is missing/thinking about us.

What do hiccups signify?

Hiccups are believed to be a sign of spirit guides or the universe trying to connect with us.

Are hiccups a bad omen?

Some people believe they are, however, most people think they are a good omen.

Why do we get hiccup myths?

Just like everything else, we need a reason to explain something. Many myths are just information that has been down over the years.

Do hiccups mean someone is missing you?

Many people believe hiccups are a sign that someone is thinking or missing you.

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s a spirit guide trying to connect, or a message from the universe, hiccups seem to be a positive sign.

Many people seem to have many different explanations as to why we get hiccups, and it’s significance in spiritually, but I think one thing can be agreed on and this is they believe we get hiccups for a spiritual reason.

I wonder how many people are present in that moment and take the question why they got hiccups at that exact time. Maybe when we get hiccups next we should stop and acknowledge it, meditate on it, thank the universe for allowing us to connect then let it go.

If we spend too much time analysing why we get hiccups, we may miss being in that actual moment to receive the message.

Something I didn’t mention earlier was that some people think hiccups are a warning sign about losing someone close to us. If we have a family member who is ill, it’s said we will get the hiccups as a sign they are going to be passing over to spirit.

If the hiccups are a way of releasing bad energy from the body, then again it’s another positive sign. All our negative emotions and thoughts, whether it be about ourselves or someone else, will be released and leave us feeling lighter with a little more clarity.

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