What Does a Burning Dove Mean Spiritually?

what does the burning dove mean spiritually

The burning dove has been used as a spiritual symbol from as far back as 300 BC. Even in today’s world, the burning dove is said to represent transformation among other things.

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For the most part the burning dove represents spiritual growth, transformation, and in general mainly positive things. The burning dove has been used and recognised across many religions too, including, Christianity, Paganism, Islam and Judaism.

Spiritual Burning Dove in Religion

In Christianity the dove is said to represent the holy spirit. As when Jesus was baptised by John the Baptist, a dove came down and landed on him. This was the trinity, the father, the son and the holy spirit.

When Roman Catholic children reach about age 11 they make their confirmation, this is also known as a sacrament (a strengthening of the bond between the individual and God) this is them agreeing to accept the holy spirit for themselves, and as such will receive the 7 gifts of the holy spirit. (see below)

Although they don’t use a burning dove, they combine the symbols of the dove and fire. Fire, which represents the energy and vigor of the Holy Spirit and a dove which points to the peace of soul imparted by the Holy Spirit.

The 7 gifts of the holy spirit are

  • Wisdom
  • Knowledge
  • Fortitude/courage
  • Counsel
  • Piety/love
  • Fear of the lord

From the above list it’s quite clear to see why this would be seen as a spiritual transformation. Doves were mentioned too in the Old Testament, and in the bible it says angels are made from fire.

The Power of the Burning Dove

In spiritualism when you’re being lazy and not paying attention to your spiritual self, God sends the burning dove as a reminder, a message to reignite the belief in you, to take you to a higher spiritual place, if you allow it’s presence to guide you.

Perhaps you are questioning everything around you, confused and unsure of anything. God will send the burning dove as a sign, it will fill you with knowledge, the dove will light your path and give you clarity, allowing you to resolve your situation.

In spiritualism fire is the element which represents protection, The bible says God built a wall of fire, to protect his people, and the wall would keep all negative energy away from them.

This is why even today people believe the burning dove is spiritual, angels have wings just as doves do, so many people believe that when they see the burning dove symbol it means there is an angel present.

A Burning Message from the Universe

People all around the world believe that when we see the burning dove, it’s the universe trying to pass us a message, perhaps we are due another transformation, or maybe it’s something in our physical life we just need to change.

The burning dove is also said to be appear when we are having inner spiritual conflict.

We need to understand the significance of the burning dove, then we can accept the transformation, and we can change our lives for the better. Sometimes as we follow our chosen spiritual path, we will have doubts and fears.

Sometimes the physical world will swallow us up and we’ll become engrossed by all the material things.

Once we see the burning dove, we should be comforted in knowing that everything will be fine, we will grow and gain strength from this moment on.

We should be reassured that by viewing the burning dove, that we will get through the difficulties of growing and vibrate on higher level.

Empowering us with the knowledge on how to cope with difficult situations without becoming spiritually drained.

When you’re feeling vulnerable or scared, meditate on fire as this will bring you spiritual protection.

The Burning Dove Means a Sacrifice

Some people say the burning dove is a sign of a sacrifice, this is often miss-interpreted as a human sacrifice or that of an animal.

The sacrifice is in fact a personal sacrifice, a good example of this would be – rather than go out with your friends for a social event, spend that time meditating and doing spiritual exercises instead.

The sacrifice we make is about improving our higher self, whether it’s a meditation session, or reading to gain more knowledge, learning how to love ourselves more, or love others more, it’s a sacrifice for the better good.

Burning Dove and Spiritual Growth

As the burning dove also symbolises growth, it’s thought that we see this symbol when we are going through difficult times, or perhaps losing/doubting our faith.

Sometimes people struggle letting go of things, whether it be past events or people in their lives, which are all having a negative effect on the individual. In the physical world humans have a tendency to get attached to such things, and the attachment is what we need to break.

We need to learn to let go, and in doing so it can cause great pain. It is crucial we let go of the past to elevate to higher spiritual place.

The burning dove representing growth could be letting us know we need to let to go. The reason people struggle with letting go is because it’s painful. However, think back to when we were physically growing, having growing pains, growth is a painful process.

Once we learn to let go and allow the transformation to happen, you’ll wish you did it sooner. Letting go of negative events and people in your life will allow you to grow both mentally and spiritually.

You’ll be vibrating on a higher frequency and being a better version of yourself.

Accepting the Burning Dove

Once you understand why you are seeing the burning dove and acknowledge and accept the reasons for it appearing to you, then your journey of transformation will begin.

Acceptance and action is crucial if we are to make the full transformation, in my opinion it’s similar to tarot card readings, we have the reading, we accept, acknowledge then change. However, if we don’t make the change, we will repeatedly get the same card in future readings until the change has been made.

After Accepting the Burning Dove

When we have fully accepted the message of the burning dove and start to take action, we will notice the differences in our lives. The things we may have been confused about or unsure of, will now be clear. We’ll have more clarity on situations, putting us in a better place to make decisions.

If we were feeling vulnerable or taken advantage of, we will have an inner strength that allows us to speak out. We’ll be strong because we are in a higher spiritual place.

If you were anxious and/or worried before acceptance, now you will be calm, you’ll be able to see the situations for what they really are, and perhaps not read into them too much, like you were before.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does a burning dove represent death?

No a burning dove does not represent death in itself, it’s represents transformation and growth, however it could represent the death of a bad habit.

Is seeing a burning dove a bad sign?

Seeing a burning dove is not a bad sign. It’s actually a very good sign.

Is seeing a burning dove in my sleep a good sign?

It certainly is, when you see a burning dove in your dream, it means you are enlightened, as you’re more attuned to receiving messages, you will have a great insight, and a high level of intuition.

Does a burning dove mean a sacrifice?

It does mean a sacrifice, however not a human or animal sacrifice, this is a personal sacrifice.

Is a burning dove evil?

No, not at all. It’s a sign of transformation and spiritual growth. It’s purpose is to help us live as the best version of our spiritual self.

Final Thoughts

Whatever the reason we see a burning dove, we can be reassured the message behind it is for the better good, either for the person who seen it or for someone close to them.

We must remember to acknowledge, accept then action the message from the burning dove so the transformation can take place.

Remember the 7 qualities of the holy spirit, because regardless of your spiritual path, the burning dove message comes to provide us with the same qualities.

Also, when you see the burning dove you have to analyse your current situation, if you still struggle to understand the message, you could try deep meditation.

The burning dove comes to give us clarity through our times of struggle, once you respond to the message, you’ll feel lighter and see clearer.

With the burning dove coming to take us to a higher spiritual place, it’s crucial we do not ignore the message.

Do not be afraid of the burning dove, it’s here to help us grow, as a sign of rebirth, it means the end of old ways or routines, and a welcoming of new ones.

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