What Does a Hole in the Ear Mean Spiritually? [Explained]

hole in the ear spiritual meaning

In this article, we will discuss the spiritual beliefs and meanings of people with a hole in their ear.

It is believed that only one person in 12,500 people is born with an extra hole in their ear; the official medical term for being born with this is a preauricular sinus or a preauricular pit.

It usually presents itself at the top of the ear, near where the ear joins onto the head. It’s a tiny little hole that looks like a piercing, and you wouldn’t even notice it from a distance.

However, it has been known to appear anywhere on or around the ear. In very rare cases, people have been born with one of these holes in each ear.

There have been many spiritual reasons put forward for having this hole in the ear, many of them relating to psychic ability, mediumship, or the belief that the person is a messenger from God.


Special People Have a Hole in Their Ear

It means you are special if you’re lucky enough to have been born with a hole in your ear. Many people feel self-conscious about the hole or even embarrassed.

This is nothing to feel embarrassed or self-conscious about, and in fact it should be celebrated, as it shows you are unique, and have been selected for a special mission.

People with the hole in their ear are often said to be an empath or psychics; it’s believed they are a channel of communication between other realms. You can learn more about what being an empath is here.

It’s said that people with this hole in their ear have supernatural powers or God has directly chosen them to be his voice piece.

Whatever the reason we can be sure whenever we see someone with a hole in their ear, that they have an extraordinary gift.

You Are a Messenger From God

Many people believe that this hole allows the person to communicate directly with God; they are said to be able to hear God clearly due to this extra hole.

So if you have this hole in your ear and you don’t receive messages directly from God, then maybe you should pay more attention, then perhaps one day you too will be able to hear the messages.

Claims have been made that all of God’s prophets had this hole in their ear; therefore it’s believed that people with the hole in their ear are in fact messengers chosen by God.

You Have Supernatural Abilities

It’s believed that people with the hole in their ear have supernatural abilities, it is believed that people who have this hole in their ear can communicate with spirits and pass messages between realms.

It’s said that the hole in the ear allows them to hear the spirits speaking clearly, they are a channel to be able to speak to the spirits and let people in the physical world know what messages their loved ones are sending from the other side.

You Are Psychic

It is also believed that people with a hole in their ear possess psychic powers. They can hear people talking about them when they aren’t even in the same area as them.

It has also been said that people with the hole in their ear have premonitions, mainly when people are planning evil against them, so this is a warning, and the person can avoid being in that situation.

So people with this hole in their ear can use this ability as a warning sign and therefore it also offers them a form of protection.

You Are Spiritually Devoted

It’s already been said that people with the hole in their ear are empathic, physic or a messenger of God. However, if this person is not spiritually devoted yet they will not be able to use their abilities to their full potential.

However, they will still be helping people, they were born with the mission to help and assist people. It’s like they signed a contract before their birth, their sole purpose of being here is to be a helper.

This person could work on their spirituality, learn how to utilize this ability, and gain better insight into how this hole in there could change their lives and those around them. Perhaps start by meditating on it.

When these people are spiritually devoted, a whole new world will open up for them, their full power will be able to be explored, and they will successfully complete their lives mission.

Dreams About Having a Hole in Your Ear

When you dream about having a hole in your ear, it’s a really positive sign. It represents renewed energy and increased enthusiasm about an idea you have or a project you are working on.

The dream allows you to reach a new level of awareness and gives you clarity on the fact that even though you are taking time to achieve your goals, with this renewed energy and enthusiasm, you will succeed.

When you dream of having a hole in your ear you be assured that someone is looking out for you from the other side, and giving you the strength and comfort to resolve any issues or conflict you may be having in life.

Other Spiritual Meanings of Having a Hole in Your Ear

In some other countries and cultures, people having a hole in the ear holds many deep and significant meanings too.

In Nigeria, the Yoruba people believe that having the hole in the ear will attract good fortune and abundance.

They believe it’s a blessing to be born with a hole in the ear.

In other parts of Nigeria, people born with a hole in their ear are treated special in society.

Similar to Nigeria, the people of Ethiopia believe being born with a hole in your ear is a sign that you are destined to be wealthy and very lucky.

In other cultures it’s said that having the hole in your ear is found to be very attractive, however it’s unclear if they find the person attractive, or the fact that the hole signifies fortune and abundance and this is why people find the person with the hole in their ear attractive.

People with a hole in their ear do seem to attract flocks of people, now as above mentions it could be because of the fortune and abundance belief.

However, on a spiritual level, these people attract many people towards them when there is no belief of wealth or abundance.

So some of these people may want to be helped, or others might want messages from their loved ones on the other side.

So overall the hole in the ear does seem to attract other people to the person who has the hole in their ear.

Whatever the reason for people having a hole in their ear, make sure you recognize this person as having a special gift.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does a hole in the ear mean?

Having a hole in your ear has various meanings, as can be read above, ranging from being God’s messenger to having psychic abilities.

Is having a hole in your ear lucky?

Yes having a hole in your ear is believed to be very lucky in many cultures.

How rare is it to have a hole in your ear?

It is actually quite rare to have a hole in your ear. Most people do not have piercings, and of those who do, the majority will only have one or two holes. The rarity of having a hole in your ear really depends on where you live and what kind of cultural norms are accepted within that particular community.

Final thoughts

Having a hole in your ear makes you special, so even if you do feel self-conscious about it, you must remember this hole makes you unique. People who have the hole in their ears have been chosen by the universe to be more than just a mere human in the living world. They have been selected for a mission, and if that mission is to bring messages from the spirit world, or just so that they can communicate directly with God, they have been a gift that should be acknowledged and appreciated.

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