What Does It Mean Spiritually When You Hear Knocking?

what does it mean spiritually when you hear knocking

You would imagine that when you hear knocking that there’s someone at the door. But, what if you open the door and there’s no one there? Perhaps you think it could be a tree branch knocking against your house or a bird on your roof. However, hearing a knock and not knowing what it means could be quite unsettling, especially if you’re home alone.

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You’ll be glad to know that there are various spiritual meanings to hearing a knock and we’re going to delve into these in more detail. According to different beliefs, there could be several different messages related to hearing a knock at the door but primarily, this knocking that you hear is an indication that the spirit world is trying to send you a message.

Someone From The Spirit Realm Wants To Give You A Message

A knock at the door when there’s no one there can be seen as an invisible messenger from the spirit world who has come to deliver a message to you.

It could even be the spirit of a loved one who has a message that he or she wants to convey to you. Primarily, this can happen when you’ve been neglecting your inner self and have not been listening to spiritual messages coming your way.

Perhaps you’re too busy with all the day-to-day tasks in your life and haven’t taken the time to connect with spirit on a regular basis. That’s precisely when you’re likely to hear a knock and won’t know where it’s coming from.

It’s an indication that the portal between the spiritual and physical worlds is open and your guides are inviting you to an open dialogue.

So, what kind of messages could you be receiving when you hear knocking?

Your Soul Needs To Be Saved

According to Christian beliefs, a knock on the door is a sign that God has a desire to save your soul from any sins that you’ve committed.

In the bible, it says that God is constantly knocking on the door of our hearts so that we can open our hearts and be forgiven for all of our wrongdoings.

In other words, a knock at the door according to Christian beliefs is a call to repentance in order to receive divine transformation.

You Need To Open Your Heart To Spirit

In a more spiritual sense, it could mean that your heart is closed and that you’re not receiving messages from spirit. Perhaps, your spiritual guides have been trying to communicate with you and have shown you all sorts of signs but you have simply not seen or heard them.

This can happen to many of us when we’re caught up in the constant merry-go-round of life. Our minds are overflowing with everything that we have to do and there’s just no room or clean space left for us to receive important spiritual messages.

However, the spirit world is persistent and doesn’t give up easily. Therefore, you’ll be presented with a knocking as an alert that you need to stop and listen. Consequently, when you hear a knocking, take the time to sit quietly without distraction and let the messages flow into your mind.

If you find this difficult, go for a quiet walk along a deserted beach or through a cool, dense forest. This will help to quieten your mind and you might be surprised what thoughts enter your mind or what signs you suddenly notice that you haven’t seen before.

It’s A Sign That Something Good Is Going To Happen

A knock at the door could also be a sign that spirit is telling you that something good is about to happen. Quite often, this sign is associated with a feeling of expectation coming from deep within you.

Take some time to sit quietly and ponder on what you have been dreaming about or wishing for. This knock could be a very positive sign that whatever you’ve been hoping for is coming your way.

It’s A Sign That You Reject Negativity

A knock on the door can also be a sign or confirmation of empowerment. You may have been in the situation where a negative person or people have tried to enter your life. However, you’ve been intuitive enough to send them away.

In this case, the knocking is like a pat on the back from the spirit world congratulating you for having the power to shut out negative influences.

On the other hand, if you’ve been struggling with some peer pressure in your life, take heart when you hear a knocking. It’s your spirit guides empowering you to resist any pressures that will not have a positive impact on your life.

Your Soul Mate Is Knocking

If you’re single and have been feeling a little alone, take heart when you hear a knocking. It could be a sign that your soul mate is around you. He or she has come to find you and is asking that you open your heart so that communication can begin.

When this happens, open the door in your mind and within a few days, you are likely to make a physical connection with your soul mate. So, don’t just sit at home. Your soul mate won’t actually come knocking on your physical door.

Instead, get out and about as much as you can and you might be pleasantly surprised at who you meet.

Someone Close To You Has Passed Away

Although not a pleasant one, this is just one of the messages that could be presented to you when you hear knocking. Luckily this doesn’t happen very often but when it does, it’s also a message from the universe to reassure you that you will have the strength to cope with the loss.

Don’t Be Afraid To Unlock Your Potential

Apart from messages from the spiritual world, you may also be receiving a message from your inner guide. Your inner guide is asking you to open the door so that you can unlock your potential.

Perhaps you love being creative but have not taken the time to enjoy some of your talents because you’re too busy with life. When you hear that knocking, it could be your inner self urging you to stop and enjoy some of the talents that you innately possess.

Ultimately, this will make you feel more fulfilled and bring some extra joy into your life.

How Many Knocks You Hear Could Also Be Significant

Apart from the meanings and messages that we’ve already discussed, the number of knocks that you hear could also have a significant meaning. Let’s delve into these.

Two Knocks On The Door

In the spirit world, the number 2 is a symbol of love, marriage and twin flames. Therefore, if you hear two knocks, it could indicate that your soul mate is wanting to find you and is not far away.

Three Knocks On The Door

The number three is strongly aligned to the union of the soul, body and spirit. Therefore, if you hear three knocks, the universe is asking you to align your soul with your spirit so that they are one with your body.

When you do this, you are likely to become more spiritually sensitive and are able to see signs and messages much more easily.

Four Knocks On The Door

The number four is a sign of consistency and stability. Therefore, when you hear four knocks, the universe is asking you to be consistent in order to achieve what you desire.  It’s also a request that you should be more in control of your actions, emotions and the choices that you make.

In other words, don’t succumb to peer pressure if it doesn’t feel right. Stand fast in your own beliefs and make your own choices based on those.

Five Knocks On The Door

Number five is the number for change. Therefore, if you are lucky enough to hear five knocks, then a positive change is about to enter your life. This will be a major change and might just be something that you’ve been hoping for, so get excited at what is about to happen.

Final Thoughts

When you hear a knock on the door and no one is there, don’t be afraid. This is nothing to be scared of. It’s just a way that your spirit guides have chosen to try and communicate with you. This could be because you’ve been ignoring or not seeing the other signs that have been presented to you.

Therefore, when you hear a knock or two, three, four or five knocks, still your mind and listen to the thoughts that enter your head and the feelings that are coming up from within. It might be a good time to do some meditation and observe the messages that you see.

Similarly, you could take a nice, leisurely walk out in nature and just let your mind wander. Look out for signs as you do this and you might be surprised what comes before you.

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