What Does It Mean When a Bird Hits Your Window?

what does it mean when a bird hits your window

Have you ever been sitting at home, relaxing, and reading a book or watching a TV, when all of a sudden, a bird flies into your window?

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One of the biggest questions that mankind has had since developing the ability to observe is “what does it mean when a bird hits your window?”. The answer to this question is relatively complicated; it can mean quite a few things and is entirely situational. It could mean anything from an upcoming change, an impending death, or even a message from heave.

When it comes to a bird hitting your window there are both practical meanings and spiritual meanings and these can all differ depending on the time of day, the kind of conditions in which you live, and even the type of bird that has flown into your window. Although there are many practical reasons as to why a bird might fly into a window, lets take deep dive into what else this could be and various superstitions surrounding this topic.

Meaning of Birds in a Spiritual Sense

Before we take a look into the meaning of birds hitting your windows or flying into your window, lets have a look at birds as a whole and what they mean in a spiritual sense regardless of whether they fly into your window or not.

Birds are a symbolic representation of perspective and freedom, and this comes from their ability to fly or rather move without restrictions. They are not confined by the space available on the ground and have plenty of room for freedom of movement.

With that said they are also considered to be messengers for higher powers: these being gods or godly figures and are seen as a bridge between the mundane and spiritual worlds. A way for spiritual beings to communicate with us as mundane humans. There are so many spiritual meanings connected with birds in a spiritual sense, and these meaning can vary from situation to situation.

What Type of Bird Was it?

When it comes to discovering what it could mean when a bird hits your window, one of the first things that you should be looking at is the type of bird that it was. This is because all different birds have different connotations and associations, and the meaning of the bird hitting your window can change depending on the type of bird it is.

  • Blue Jay: these birds are strong and confident and have good communication
  • Canary: these birds are incredibly talkative and full of energy
  • Dove: doves give off a sense of focus and perspective (learn the meaning of a burning dove)
  • Magpie: these birds are known for their loyalty and friendship
  • Starling: this is a bird that is full of pride
  • Raven: these birds are commonly associated with transformation and natural magic
  • Seagull: these birds are said to bring communal messages from above

Upcoming Change

Now that we have taken a deeper look into the spiritual meaning of birds themselves, the practical reasons why birds may hit your window, and the meaning of a few different kinds of birds, lets take a look into what it could mean when a bird flies into your window.

One of the most common beliefs is that it is indicative of an upcoming change. This is because typically birds will fly into the sky. This is an upward movement and something that is normal for them. However, flying into a window is a complete change of direction and movement and could symbolize a change for you too.

This symbolizes a fresh start and a new journey and therefore is something you should anticipate, expect, and even try to prepare yourself for.

Impending Death

A lot of the time, when a bird flies into your window, especially if it is at an excessive speed, the bird will likely not survive and pass away. With that said, it is not out of line to make the assumption that a bird flying into your window is a symbol of impending doom or death.

Many cultures actually consider a bird flying into your window to be a sign of impending doom or death and the incident of a bird flying into their window is typically considered to be a warning sign and for one to err on the side of caution.

Birds flying into a window is always un unexpected incident, and therefore should be considered to be a sign of something on the lines of an unexpected incident happening to you or someone near to you. This is especially true if it is a black bird.

Interesting Fact
Birds tapping on your window or just sitting by your window also has meaning behind it. If you notice a bird just sitting by your window or even tapping on your window it could mean that a deceased loved one is looking out for you or checking up on you, or it could mean that they are trying to give you a message.

Message From Heaven

Taking a step away from the darker meanings of a bird hitting your window, when his happens it could also be a sign or symbol of a message from heaven. Whether it is a message form a higher power, or from a deceased loved one, this kind of message is always a good one.

As mentioned above, if a bird sits on your window, it could be a sign of a deceased loved one looking over you, but in this case, a bird flying into your window could be a sign or a message that they are trying to communicate with you.

Birds play a big role in the communication between heaven and earth, and they act as the communicators between the two because they have the ability to fly.

Do Birds Hitting Cars Have Meaning?

One of the most prominent questions is what it mean when a bird hits your car window. This is something that is not often talked about because it is not a frequent occurrence. Cars are constantly moving, and birds tend to keep a good distance from them because of this. However, every once in a while, a bird will hit a car window.

Even though it is not as much of a frequent occurrence it still has meaning, and it typically isn’t a good sign. Generally, when a bird hits your car window it will signify difficult times ahead and that you should prepare yourself for this, or at very least, expect it.

Interesting Fact
If you want to stop birds from flying into your window you should place something reflective such as tinfoil or mirrors outside the window in order to discourage the birds from flying at them. You can also put sticker on your window so that it doesn’t just look like and open space to fly through.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does a bird hitting your window mean death?

Ans: while many automatically jump to this conclusion since most birds do tends to see an unfortunate end when they fly into a window, this is infact not the case. While, yes, on occasion it could signify impending death or doom, it could also be a sign of many other things and you need to think about what would be more relevant to your life and situation.

What do birds mean spiritually?

Ans: when looking at birds as a whole, and not just when they hit your window, there could be many spiritual meanings that one could gather from them. The most prevalent meaning is that they are a representation of freedom and perspective.

What does it mean when a bird flies into your house?

Ans: this is a question that has many answers, much like the question of a bird flying into your window. Some of the most common spiritual meanings of bird flying into your house include good luck of fortune coming your way, a sign of safety or peace, important news, and even a big transformation in your life. However some of the negatives could be, career or relationship problems and the potential for illness or death to occur within the household.


With all of this, there are so many different meanings that one could gather from witnessing a bird flying into their window, whether it is a window of their home or of their car. These meaning could either be good or bad depending on a multitude of different things including the different types of birds that could fly into your window, or even what is currently happening in your life.

On one last note, it is not only when birds fly into your windows that they offer signs and symbols for your to read into but rather as a species as a whole. Birds are a symbolic representation of freedom and perspective, and this is something that you should remember and keep in mind every time you see a bird, not only when it hits your window.

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