What Does It Mean When a Hummingbird Visits You?

what does it mean when a hummingbird visits you

Hummingbirds are the smallest birds on earth but they are the most colorful and busiest little creatures you’ll ever see. Their aerodynamic feats are a delight to watch. They can fly at full speed and come to a complete stop in an instant. But, have you ever wondered what it means when a hummingbird visits you?

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When a hummingbird comes to visit it’s reminding you to be present in the moment and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. It’s also a sign that you should expect love, joy and good luck to come into your life.

If a loved one has recently passed away, a visiting hummingbird may be telling you that everything’s fine and that your grief will heal soon enough. In mythology, a lot of cultures believed that a hummingbird was a messenger from heaven.

Hummingbirds Signify Endurance And Perseverance

In order to complete their migratory journey, hummingbirds have to fly thousands of miles to reach their breeding area. Therefore, these tiny birds are masters of endurance and perseverance. They just keep going to reach their destination. And, they do this year after year.

When a hummingbird visits you it could be a reminder to not give up on your dreams but to keep moving forward toward your goals.

Hovering hummingbirds are often associated with patience. This means that the hummingbird is telling you to trust your abilities and never give up.

A hummingbird visitor may also signify that you are ready to discover your purpose in life. Therefore, take note of what other signs are appearing around you and also listen to what you are feeling inside.

Hummingbird Symbolism In Other Cultures

Ancient cultures associate the hummingbird with both joy and good luck. Native Americans believed that the hummingbird is a healer or a spirit sent to help people when they needed it. They believed that hummingbirds were messengers sent from the heavens that offered healing, wisdom and endurance.

The Incas also believed that hummingbirds were messengers from heaven. In Aztec cultures, they worshipped a half-man, half-hummingbird god called Huitzilopochtli. He was the god of sun, war and human sacrifice. This is quite understandable if you’ve ever witnessed a hummingbird defending its territory. They are quite fierce little warriors.

Although hummingbirds are not native to Asian countries, the symbol of a hummingbird is often used in Feng Shui. It is meant to attract good luck and purity.

Similarly, the Ancient Celts were not familiar with hummingbirds. However, they believed that all birds were messengers between mortals and the gods.

What Does It Mean If A Hummingbird Visits You In Your Dreams?

If you dream about hummingbirds it could mean that good luck is approaching or that some challenges you’ve been dealing with are coming to an end. Hummingbirds are essentially bringers of good news.

If you dream about hummingbirds feeding, it’s a sign that you should start enjoying life and that you should stop worrying about the little things.

On the other hand, if you dream about a hummingbird flying around, it could signify that you’re unable to commit to a relationship. You may be enjoying your freedom and are not ready just yet to settle down.

If you dream of a hummingbird sitting on your open hand, it could signify that you have some new goals or desires that you want to work hard to accomplish. The hummingbird is telling you to strive forward and to never give up.

Conversely, if you see a yellow hummingbird in your dreams, it could signify that you will soon have the opportunity to achieve recognition and success.

If you make eye contact with a hummingbird, it means that you need to focus on being happier and more optimistic. In fact, many people have felt feelings of pure joy when they’ve made eye contact with a hummingbird. Let’s face it, you can’t look at these delightful little creatures without a smile on your face.

Hummingbirds As Spirit Animals

If the hummingbird is your spirit animal, it will remind you to love life and to enjoy the little pleasures that come your way. It’s also a reminder that you should focus on love.

A visit from a hummingbird can also signify that you should trust your inborn abilities and allow your creativity to bloom. A hummingbird is associated with freedom and greater creativity. It can also remind us to learn from our past mistakes and, therefore, regain our optimism for the future.

You should call on the hummingbird spirit whenever you’re unable to control your emotions or when you’re exposed to a lot of negativity in your life. The hummingbird will help you to dispel this negativity and to focus on more positive outcomes.

In this respect, a hummingbird visitation could also be a sign that everything that has happened has been for a reason. Therefore, you should look for the positive aspects of any challenges that you have recently faced.

Interestingly, a hummingbird’s wings move in a figure eight configuration. This is the ancient symbol of continuity or infinity. It signifies that you should live in the present and not dwell on the past.

A Visiting Hummingbird Is A Sign Of Hope And New Beginnings

If you’ve been experiencing some major challenges in your life, a visiting hummingbird is a sign that things are going to work themselves out. The hummingbird visitor signifies hope and new beginnings.

If you’re constantly seeing hummingbirds everywhere you go, it could be a sign from the universe that there is magic flowing all around you. It’s a sign that now, anything is possible. Therefore, don’t let your doubts and fears hold you back. Instead, set your intentions for what you want life to be and your manifestations will come far quicker than you could have imagined.

At this time, you should be open to new ideas and inspiration. You may also find that there are new people who are coming into your life and presenting opportunities that are exciting and fulfilling.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does a hummingbird spirit animal means?

A hummingbird symbolizes love and happiness. It encourages you to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

What does it mean when hummingbirds get close to you?

When hummingbirds fly close to you, they are showing you joy and positivity. They’re reminding you to enjoy the small, joyful pleasures and to let go of heavy, negative emotions.

Why do hummingbirds hover in front of you?

Hummingbirds are naturally inquisitive. They’ll fly in front of you to investigate. This is a sign for you to uncover your innate curiosity and to notice the small things around you that may otherwise escape your attention.

Final Thoughts

When a hummingbird visits you, it’s a sign of good luck, love and joy. It’s also a reminder that you should focus more on the simple pleasures in life and let go of the negative influences of your past.

Many people experience feelings of joy when they see a hummingbird and this is precisely the message that they are bringing. Their message indicates that you should open up to new opportunities and develop your creative side.

When a hummingbird visits, it may also be an indication that the challenges that you’ve been facing are coming to an end and new opportunities are coming your way. It’s a sign that you should be open and positive to the new things that may be presented to you.

So, when you see a hummingbird, stop and take note of your surroundings. Take a little time to see all the pleasures that you might otherwise have missed.

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