What Does It Mean When God Sends a Cardinal [Explained]

what does it mean when god sends a cardinal

In this article, we will find out why God sends us cardinals, and what messages the cardinals bring, and we will also look at what cardinals symbolize in the bible.

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Cardinals can bring different messages representing balance, manifestation, luck, harmony, strong lasting relationships, and much more.

When you spot a cardinal nearby, and you know it’s bringing you a message but are unsure of what the message means, then keep reading. We’ll reveal all the spiritual meanings and messages of seeing a cardinal.

If you’ve never seen a cardinal before, this article is for you too, so when you do see a cardinal, you will know exactly what the messages are.

Why Are Cardinals Important

In America, people believe that the number 12 is a very lucky number. America and Argentina have high numbers of cardinals, and when the cardinals nest, they typically have 12 eggs.

The native Americans also believe the number 12 is lucky, not only because the cardinals have 12 eggs in their nest, but because the cardinals are all year-round birds staying for the full 12 months.

Cardinals Mean Good Luck

Cardinals are said to bring good luck. If you spot a cardinal, you can expect some luck around the number 12, so at 12 midday, or in 12 days or good luck for the next 12 months.

The Connection Between Cardinals and Relationships

As we learn about cardinals, we notice that many humans could learn so much from them about how love and loyalty works.

Cardinals are like swans in regards to them being monogamous, they have one mate for life and are very loyal, they prefer to live with a mate than be alone, and they spend all winter tucked inside their nest with their mate.

So seeing a cardinal could mean a long-lasting relationship that will last forever. The red color of the bird signifies love and passion, among other things.

However, these little birds know how to love and be loyal to their mate with whom they will spend their entire life.

Being Careful When We See a Cardinal

When you see a cardinal have a look at your personal situation, if you’re going through tough times professionally then, you could be lacking focus in a particular area.

Take note of your current situation, realize the change required for success, and begin to action the change for success.

If you’re struggling financially, look at your budget and work out your income and outgoings. Whatever the message, it’s time for you to change something.

Maybe you’re not feeling as bright and happy as usual; reassess your life, realize what the problem is and change it, the cardinal is telling us it’s time to change something in our lives to be happy and content.

A cardinal is also a message from God, so if you’re celebrating a special occasion or you’re happy, you can be sure that seeing the cardinal is a blessing from God.

Cardinals represent patience and tolerance

Cardinals aren’t like many other species of birds, they don’t migrate with the change of weather, they tolerate the cold weather and build a nest and stay there with their mate all winter, patiently awaiting spring to come.

So from this, we know that cardinals represent patience and tolerance. These little birds are in between the size of a robin and a sparrow, however, they prove to be hardy little creatures.

Seeing a Cardinal in Your Garden or on Your Porch

When you see a cardinal often in your garden or on your porch, this could be a loved one that has passed away visiting you from heaven.

The message could be that they are still around for you, or they are there looking out for you. It could also be a message to let you know that you must not have any regrets, and that everything is going to be OK.

As they sit and sing, you will be reminded of all the good memories of your loved one, reassuring you that you are definitely not alone, and that your loved one will always be remembered in your heart.

These little birds like to sit on garden fences, and have also been known to sit on your window sill and peck at your window.

Seeing them often like this could also be a message that they are warning you about some future event.

Your Life Achievements

When you have set clear goals and have tried repeatedly to reach them, you’re getting tired and feel like giving up. So seeing the cardinal in this situation is a reminder to keep going, don’t give up.

Do your best to reach that goal and achieve whatever it is you’re after, the cardinal has come to encourage you and push you forward.

Seeing a cardinal is a sign to say you can do this, reminding us to have patience and perseverance.

Cardinals Can Be a Warning About Death

If you should see a cardinal flying into a window, it can be a sign that death is coming to someone close. Always make sure you bury the cardinal, so you’re in the right mindset to handle the news of the death.

Cardinal Colors

Red Cardinals

As we mentioned earlier in the article, cardinals can come in various colors, so seeing different colors of cardinals will mean the messages being brought have a different meaning too.

We know the color red is commonly associated with anger, passion, love, aggression, and courage. So if you have lost a loved one, family member, or a friend before spotting a cardinal, this is a message to let you know that you are not alone, they are there with you.

Move forward with your life, as they wouldn’t want you to be feeling low and sad. These little birds are adorable, the males are bright red and look like they are wearing a black masks.

The females are light brown and have read streaks, they both have little Mohican-like clumps of feathers at the top of their heads.

Yellow Cardinals

Yellow represents wisdom, self-confidence, and sunshine.

Yellow cardinals were thought to have been extinct, however, they have been spotted and are currently on the endangered list.

You’re very lucky to spot a yellow cardinal as the chances are roughly around one in a million, you can see just how lucky you are by reading about them here.

The yellow cardinal being so rare also signifies uniqueness, just like you. You are unique, so don’t be afraid to be yourself, be the best version of yourself, and you’ll get the best out of life and the best out of the world.

Blue Cardinals

Blue represents calmness, composure, clarity, patience, and stability

When you see a blue cardinal, stop and think of the past decisions you have made. Assess them, and you will see what mistakes you have made, and now after seeing the blue cardinal, you will have clarity and be able to rectify the mistakes.

If You See a Dead Cardinal

Dead cardinals represent manifestation and rejuvenation. Cardinals can live up to three years, however, if you should see a dead cardinal, don’t leave it lying there. Take the cardinal and bury it somewhere safe, this will change your mindset for the better.

Fun Fact
A group of cardinals can be called a college, conclave, radiance, or a Vatican of cardinals.

What the Bible Teaches us About Cardinals

This depicts life and hope to live a strong mental and physical life. Hope is essential in life, and we should never lose it. Vitality and liveliness are signified by Jesus’ blood and cardinals.

Never allow destructive thoughts to enter your mind, as they could harm you or the people around you.

In a catholic church, the highest ranking member is a cardinal, they are one level below the pope, they wear red robes, which signify the blood of Jesus. For pious people, cardinals are essential creatures.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the spiritual meaning of seeing a red cardinal?

It could be a message from someone you lost, letting you know you are not alone and to move on with your life.

Are cardinals a warning about death?

It is believed that when a cardinal hits a window and dies, it can represent something terrible happening to someone close to you, often believed to include death.

Is seeing a cardinal a spiritual message?

It is indeed believed to be a very spiritual message, you should be able to find out from the article what that message is too.

Why do I keep seeing cardinals?

When you repeatedly see cardinals, it’s a message from someone you lost, letting us know they are OK and that they are looking out for us.

Is seeing a cardinal lucky?

Cardinals are said to be lucky, especially around the number 12, so pay attention when you see a cardinal.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear to see from the article that when we see a cardinal, it brings a powerful message. We should pay attention to the cardinal and to the situation we are in at the time we spot it. If we take the time to consider our situation, it could lead to us finding out exactly what the message is, or who the message is from.

Also, remember the cardinal is linked to the number 12, so after seeing a cardinal, be on the look for opportunities where the number 12 could bring you good luck. The cardinal does represent patience and tolerance, so when you see a cardinal, remember this, as it may well just be a message to let you know you have to be a little bit more patient.

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