What Does Itchy Feet Mean Spiritually? [Symbolic Meanings]

what do itchy feet mean spiritually

Do you suffer from itchy feet? There’s nothing more annoying than having to take your shoes and socks off because you have an itchy spot on your foot that really needs to be scratched. Have you ever wondered though, whether there’s a spiritual meaning to having itchy feet.

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In fact, having itchy feet does bring some spiritual messages. Plus, there’s also a special significance if it’s your right foot or left foot that is itchy. There are also different beliefs around certain parts of the foot that are itchy.

Let’s discover more about some of the spiritual beliefs around having itchy feet.

You Need To Pay More Attention To The Direction Your Life Is Heading

When we think of our feet, we don’t give them nearly enough credit for all that they do for us. After all, they are the prime vehicle that we use to move around. They carry us to work, to the shops, to the park and they love walking in the sand on the beach.

So firstly, you would imagine that having itchy feet would have something to do with how we’re moving through life. And, you would be right. When our feet are itchy, it’s a message from the spirit world that we need to pay more attention to the direction that we’re taking in life.

But, is it your right foot or left foot that is constantly itchy? Let’s look into these significant meanings.

What Does It Mean When Your Left Foot Is Itchy?

Christians believe that the left side of God is reserved for sinners and for those that should be punished.

So, if we relate this to having an itchy left foot, it could be a warning that we’re about to make a mistake that will possibly be detrimental to our careers or finances. Therefore, if your left foot is itchy just before you’re about to make an important decision, stop and take heed of that itchy foot.

Think carefully about the decision you’re about to make and whether it is the right or wrong one. Perhaps, there’s a better answer that will not involve you making a wrong decision.

An itchy left foot can also indicate that someone close to you has passed away. Usually, this itchiness also comes with an inner sense of fear, unease or even sorrow. This is a message from spirit that is designed to prepare you for what is about to happen.

Another meaning that can be associated with an itchy left foot is that you have a strong desire to become successful, however, you are not following this up with action. Therefore, your foot is itchy because your spirit guides are giving you a gentle nudge to encourage you to take some positive actions steps towards your goals.

What Does It Mean When Your Right Foot Is Itchy?

Having an itchy right foot can have entirely different meanings. Basically, having an itchy right foot is a confirmation from the spirit world that you’re heading in the right direction and that you should keep moving forward.

You might be in a situation where you’ve just started a new journey in your life and you’re feeling a little uncertain as to whether this is the direction that you should be heading. If your right foot itches, take it as a sign that you’re, indeed, going in the right direction and that you should continue walking down the path that you’re on.

An itchy right foot could also indicate that you’re about to explore previously uncharted territory. In other words, you are about to enter a new phase in your life. It’s a reminder that there are still more avenues to explore that you haven’t considered before.

Another meaning associated with an itchy right foot is that you could be embarking on a major move. Perhaps, your company could be thinking about relocating you to another state or country. Or, maybe you’ve been restless and subconsciously thinking about relocating yourself.

If your right foot starts to itch, take this as a confirmation that the move will be a good one.

What Does It Mean When The Bottom Of Your Right Foot Itches?

If the bottom of your right foot itches, get ready for a breakthrough. It’s a sign that if you continue on your path and continue to make headway, then you’ll find that a breakthrough is just around the corner.

What Does It Mean When The Bottom Of Your Left Foot Itches?

When you experience itching on the bottom of your left foot, it means that you’re feeling both excited and anxious at the same time. This normally happens when you’re about to start a new job, you’ve received a promotion or you’re about to move to a new home or a new town or city.

What Does It Mean When The Heels Of Your Feet Are Itchy?

If your heels start to feel itchy, it could be a sign that you are becoming weak in your resolve. Maybe things have become difficult and you feel like giving up on a project or dream.

At this time, if you feel itchiness in your heels, the universe is telling you not to give up and to persist onwards.

Be Aware Of What The Spirit World Is Trying To Tell You

Spirit communicates with us in various forms and using a variety of signs. Sometimes, having an itchy foot or feet is a gentle nudge from spirit to tell you that you should be aware and open to the messages that are about to come your way.

In this situation, the itchy feet aren’t a message in themselves, but a forewarning that important messages are coming your way and you need to watch out for them. Therefore, when your feet start to itch, open your mind and your heart so that you’re ready to receive some important messages from your spiritual guides.

Let’s look now at some more of the specific messages that having an itchy foot could indicate.

Do Not Make Decisions In Haste

If you’re currently under pressure to make a decision about your future, don’t make that decision hastily. Your itchy foot is telling you to stop and consider all the ramifications carefully before making your final decision.

Show Someone Around You That You Care

An itchy right foot is also believed to be a sign of charity. It’s a nudge from the universe that you should show someone close that you care. It might take you a moment to figure out who you know that might need a helping hand right now.

Sit quietly and let the answer come to you. Whoever you think about could be in need of a little help right now.

Take Some Responsibility For Your Life

Interestingly, an itch in both your left and your right foot could indicate that you’re currently in a state of laziness or that you’re procrastinating. When this happens, you’re getting a nudge from the universe to encourage you to take some responsibility for your life and where you are heading.

Remember that nothing will ever happen or be achieved when you’re lying around procrastinating.

This may also be the case if you’re currently dependent on someone else. If your feet start to itch, it’s a sign that you need to “stand on your own two feet” and take over the responsibility of your own life.

It’s Time To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

If you notice an itch in your left foot, it could be a sign that you need to step out of your comfort zone. It’s time to get disciplined and to set higher goals for your yourself. Make sure that they’re goals that will stretch you. Maybe this will help you to uncover hidden skills and talents that you never knew that you had.

And, if the itch in your left foot is unbearable, you need to take action straight away. This is an urgent message for you to get moving and start heading toward your ultimate life goal.

You Might Have To Retrace Your Steps

This relates primarily to an itch in your left foot that indicates that you’ve made some mistakes. Hence, when this happens, the universe is urging you to retrace your steps and to right some of the mistakes that you’ve made in the past.

You Might Be About To Enter A New Chapter In Your Life

If the itch is in your left foot, it’s an indication that this new chapter is going to present you with challenges. Therefore, you should be prepared for this because these challenges cannot be avoided.

On the other hand, if the itch is in your right foot, it means that this new chapter in your life is going to be filled with lots of breakthroughs and opportunities. This should give you plenty of optimism for the future.

Final Thoughts

Although itchy feet can be annoying and uncomfortable, you will find that there are spiritual meanings behind these physical symptoms.

If you’re not sure which of these meanings applies to you currently, ask your spirit guides for help and listen to the messages that you receive.

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