955 Angel Number: What Does It Mean?

angel number 955

Have you seen the number 955 over and over again as you go through your normal daily life? If you’ve noticed this number appearing frequently, it’s a reminder that the angels are trying to send you a specific message. To understand this message, we have to determine what this number relates to.

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In order to better understand the meaning of angel number 955, we should break down the number as this will enlighten us to its meaning.

Breaking Down Angel Number 955

Angel number 955 is made up of two individual numbers, 9 and 5. Number 5 is repeated twice which means that it is being emphasized and has even greater influence. However, the number 9 is preceding the two 5s, so this also gives it great importance.

To start off with, number 9 is the number of Universal spiritual laws in the set related to Higher Awareness. The laws contained in this set include:

  • The law of balance and polarity
  • The law of karma
  • The law of reincarnation
  • The law of responsibility
  • The law of discrimination
  • The law of affirmation
  • The law of prayer
  • The law of meditation
  • The law of challenge

This means that the number 9 is very much focused on spiritual awareness and intuition. It’s also associated with endings and conclusions. But primarily, its focus is on listening to your intuition and to the guidance that you receive from the angels and your spirit guides.

On the other hand, number 5 is mainly associated with positive change. However, it also has a focus on the human experience, personal freedom and being true to ourselves.

Putting Angel Number 955 Back Together

Now that we understand the meaning of the individual numbers, let’s look at them more closely in the combination that they appear.

Basically, it appears that the angels have a very powerful message for you when you see this number repeatedly.

With this number combination, you’re encouraged to continue to listen to your intuition to make some very important changes or even life choices. Perhaps, you have an important decision to make about a possible change and you’re not sure which way to go.

It might be about moving to another state, making a major career change, or giving up your well-paid job to work as a volunteer in an underdeveloped country. All of these changes involve major life decisions and it can be really difficult for you to decide what to do.

What your angels are telling you, is to listen to your intuition and your own inner voice as to what it is telling you. Try to keep all the outside influences at bay and work out what really matters to you.

The major change that you’re considering could be another step along the path to your soul’s purpose. And, because the number 5 is being repeated, it does indicate that there is definitely a change that is coming your way.

Also consider that what the angels may be telling you is that you do have the level of higher learning necessary to be able to make the correct decision. In fact, you have the power within you to create your own pathway and make the right choices that will lead you along your chosen path.

All you have to do is dispel some of those limiting beliefs that may keep you from moving forward to the destination of your choosing.

The Struggles Of The Past Are Behind You And The Path To Change Is Clear

Consider also the other meaning of number 9 which indicates an ending. From this we could ascertain that whatever has been holding you back from making the positive change that you’ve been yearning for, is finally coming to an end. This can now free you up to finally embrace that necessary change and forge ahead with your plans.

For example, maybe something or someone has been holding you back and because of this, you’ve put your plans for the future on hold.

What the angels are telling you is that whatever challenge has been keeping you stuck is coming to an end. Now, you can finally move forward and make the change that you’ve been longing for.

Using Numerology To Get A Deeper Understanding Of Angel Number 955

As you’re probably aware by now, numerology uses an even more succinct formula to break down a number into just one single digit. Here’s how:

  • 9 + 5 + 5 = 19, then 1 + 9 = 10, 1 + 0 = 1

Therefore, the single digit number we want to understand is the number 1.

As you might have already guessed, the number 1 is associated with new beginnings. It’s a very powerful number and is related to positivity, moving forward and ultimately, finding happiness.

With the number 1, the angels are telling you to be aware of your heart’s desires and to forge ahead to bring those desires into reality. Therefore, it’s a strong encouragement that you should focus on new beginnings and to embrace that positive change with an optimistic attitude.

After all, our primary purpose here on earth is to achieve our life’s purpose and with this number, you’re encouraged to take positive steps towards attaining this mission.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, it can take a little deeper delving to understand the messages that we receive from the angels. There are only so many ways that they can communicate with us and using a sequence of numbers is just one of those ways.

When you are constantly seeing the number 955, it means that you’re about to embark on a new life journey. Whatever has been holding you back is finally coming to an end and you can confidentially embrace that very important change that you have been planning for so long.

Take heart when you see this number combination that the struggles that you’ve been facing are behind you and it’s time to get back onto the path that takes you closer to your life’s purpose.

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