Monitor Lizard Symbolism, Meaning, and Totem [8 Spiritual Meanings]

In the realm of spirit animals and symbolism, the monitor lizard is a powerful creature with significant meanings attached to it. The monitor lizard, as a spiritual symbol, represents stillness, patience, contemplation, and self-exploration.

Introduction to the Monitor Lizard

Monitor lizards, a group of lizards comprising over 70 species, are native to Africa, Asia, and Oceania. Known for their imposing size, keen intelligence, and extraordinary adaptability, these lizards carry symbolic meanings that are as unique and varied as the species themselves.

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Monitor lizards, due to their slow, deliberate movements and their ability to stay motionless for long periods, symbolize stillness and patience. They teach us to slow down, contemplate, and make well-thought-out decisions. Their ability to survive in various habitats reflects adaptability, reminding us to adjust and thrive in different situations.

Monitor Lizard as a Spirit Animal

As a spirit animal, the monitor lizard encourages introspection and self-exploration. It asks you to take the time to examine your life, your choices, and your path. It’s a call to look inward, understand your desires and fears, and align your actions with your true self.

If the monitor lizard is your spirit animal, you might have an innate ability to adapt to new situations. You likely approach life with a level of patience and contemplation, taking the time to analyze before making decisions. You are encouraged to embrace these qualities and use them to navigate your life’s journey.

The Symbolism of the Monitor Lizard in Dreams

Dreams about monitor lizards can be intriguing and full of symbolism. Generally, a monitor lizard appearing in your dream signifies that you need to take a step back and reassess some aspects of your life. It might be a reminder to slow down, be patient, and contemplate before making important decisions.

For instance, if you dream of a monitor lizard moving slowly, it could symbolize that you need to take more time to think things through. On the other hand, if the lizard in your dream is aggressive or threatening, it might indicate that you’re confronting fears or issues that you need to address.

Monitor Lizard Encounters and Omens

Seeing a monitor lizard in real life can also have symbolic meanings. It’s often seen as a sign to pay attention to your surroundings, be patient, and take the time to assess situations before making decisions.

If a monitor lizard crosses your path, it might be an indication that you need to slow down and think things through. It’s a reminder that patience can be beneficial and that rushing through decisions may not always yield the best results. The appearance of the monitor lizard invites you to embrace stillness, contemplate your actions, and move forward with purpose and understanding.

Monitor Lizards in Mythology and Folklore

Monitor lizards hold places of significance in various cultures’ mythology and folklore. In some African cultures, they are seen as symbols of the earth and underworld because they live on land and burrow into the earth. This reinforces their symbolism of introspection and self-exploration, as delving into the earth can be seen as a metaphor for exploring the self.

In Philippine mythology, the monitor lizard, or “bayawak,” is often depicted as a cunning and resourceful creature, further emphasizing the creature’s symbolism of intelligence and adaptability.

The Monitor Lizard Totem

The monitor lizard totem is a powerful emblem of self-discovery and truth. Just as the monitor lizard navigates its environment with careful deliberation, those with this totem are urged to carefully evaluate their life’s path.

The totem encourages introspection, self-awareness, and careful decision-making. It acts as a reminder to be patient, take your time, and not rush through decisions. It promotes the idea that it’s okay to pause, assess, and then move forward with a clearer understanding of our desires and goals.

Monitor Lizard Symbolism in Personal Transformation

The monitor lizard’s symbolism extends to personal transformation as well. Its ability to shed its skin mirrors our capacity for personal growth, change, and renewal. The lizard’s shedding process symbolizes the release of old habits, beliefs, and limitations, making way for growth and transformation.

The monitor lizard encourages us to embrace change, see it as an opportunity for growth, and use it as a catalyst for personal evolution. It invites us to shed our old selves, just like it sheds its skin, and embrace the new with open hearts and minds.

Monitor Lizard and the Connection with Earth

Monitor lizards are deeply connected with the earth. They are terrestrial creatures who spend a lot of time on the ground, burrowing into the soil. This connection with earth symbolizes grounding, stability, and practicality.

The lizard reminds us to stay grounded and practical in our approach to life. It encourages us to be down-to-earth, realistic, and to keep our feet firmly planted on the ground even as we dream and aspire.


The monitor lizard, with its keen intelligence, adaptability, and deliberate movements, is a potent symbol of introspection, patience, adaptability, and personal transformation. It’s a creature that teaches us to navigate life’s journey with contemplation and purpose, to embrace change as a vehicle for growth, and to stay grounded in our approach to life.

So, the next time a monitor lizard crosses your path or shows up in your dreams, pause and reflect on its message. It might just be the reminder you need to slow down, reassess, and move forward with greater clarity and understanding. Embrace the monitor lizard spirit, and allow it to guide you on your journey of self-discovery and personal transformation.

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