Seeing The Same Time On The Clock Everyday [Explained!]

seeing the same time on the clock everyday

Do you see the same time every time you look at the clock? Or, do you glance at the clock everyday and it usually shows the same time that you saw yesterday when you took a quick glance? If this is happening to you, there’s a reason.

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Seeing the same time on the clock everyday is no coincidence. It’s what is known as synchronicity.

We’ll explain this a little further later. But, in a nutshell, it’s a message from the universe that is basically telling you that you’re on the right track.

What Is Synchronicity?

Synchronicity can be explained as certain events that happen for a reason. In other words, these events are manifested by the universal powers in order to assist you on your path.

According to the famous psychologist, Carl Jung, synchronicity is an event or occurrence that appears to be coincidental but that actually has a purpose. Therefore, if you keep seeing the same time on the clock everyday, the universe is sending you a message that you should take note of.

Remember that many seemingly random events that happen to us on a fairly regular basis are happening for a reason. Let’s have a look at some other coincidences that could be considered as synchronicity.

Common Examples Of Synchronicity

Here are some random events that you might experience that actually happen for a reason:

  • Your mind wanders and you start thinking about someone that you haven’t seen for a while. Next thing you know, the phone rings and it’s the person who you have just been thinking about.
  • You’ve been pondering about a certain problem for a while. Then, while you’re out shopping, you suddenly spot a particular product that will help you solve that problem with complete ease.
  • You get a flat tire and are now late for an appointment. Although this can be a huge annoyance, you later learn that there was an accident exactly where you would have been if you didn’t get a flat.
  • You sit at the traffic lights waiting for them to change to green so you can go straight ahead. Ahead of you, coming in the opposite direction, sits a motorcycle rider who has his indicator on to turn left. As the lights start to change, you hesitate before moving forward. Just as well because the motorcyclist has taken off and turned in front of you.
  • You see the same time on the clock repeatedly day after day. This is commonly referred to as “mirror hours”.

What Are Mirror Hours?

Mirror hours are the phenomenon of seeing the same numbers on the clock repeatedly every single day. One thing you should be conscious of is exactly what you were thinking about when you glanced at the clock.

This will give some clues as to what the message that the universe is trying to send you is all about. For example, you could be thinking about a new project but you’re not sure whether it’s a good idea or not.

By showing you this set of numbers, the universe is basically telling you that you should definitely start the project because it will help you further along your life path.

Another thing to take note of is what the actual numbers are that you’re seeing on the clock. This is because when you see a repeated series of numbers constantly, there’s a message hidden within those numbers.

You might even see the identical series of numbers on other occasions such as on the number plate of the car you’re following or even on a house that you’ve been driving past lately.

Generally, this repeated sequence of numbers is known as angel numbers and is commonly related to the angels sending you a message.

You see, all numbers have their own meaning and number sequences put these meanings together into a more complex explanation. Quite often, you’ll see this number sequences when you’re fully in tune with your higher self and you’re open to receiving messages from the divine.

Understanding These Number Sequences

To understand what these number sequences actually mean, you have to delve a little deeper into the meanings associated with each number in the sequence. Then, you need to put those meanings together and see how they relate to each other.

Quite often, a set of numbers can have different meanings to different people. This is because we are not all on the same path. Each of us has our own life journey that we’re progressing along throughout our time on earth.

Therefore, not only should you ascertain the meanings of the numbers and the actual sequence, but you also need to determine how this can actually relate to your life right now.

More often than not, if you let your mind wander a little, you will find certain thoughts will come to the surface that will provide additional enlightenment.

Think about it. Have you ever asked a certain question in your mind and then, before you know it, the answer is right there in your thoughts? Once again, that’s no coincidence, especially if you’re in tune with your higher self.

You see, you didn’t just magically think of the answer to your question. Instead, either your higher self or your spiritual guides have given you the answer by placing it into your thoughts.

Why You Should Consider Meditation

Another way that you can get further clarity as to why you keep seeing the same time on the clock everyday is to engage in meditation. Meditation is one of the best ways to communicate with the universe and the spirit world.

Even you haven’t tried meditation yet, you should definitely consider giving it a go. You’ll actually be quite amazed at how refreshed and more enlightened you feel after a good meditation session.

You see, what happens during a meditation session is that you quieten all those busy thoughts that you have almost every moment of every day. Thoughts about your work, the items you need to pick up from the grocery store, what you’re going to cook for dinner and on and on.

These tumultuous thoughts often crowd our mind so completely that there’s no more room to let through the messages that our guides or angels are trying to send to us. That’s entirely another reason why you might be confronted with seeing the same time on the clock everyday.

It’s way for the universe to get your attention. You guides are asking you to slow down and listen because they have an important message for you.

However, when you meditate, you clear your mind of all those busy thoughts because you’re just focusing on your breathing, the peaceful music or the voice that is guiding you through the meditation.

This ultimately, leaves your mind wide open to receive the messages that the universe wants you to hear. And, don’t worry if you happen to fall asleep while you meditate. This gives the angels a chance to plant the message in your mind and you will recall it at a later time.

Final Thoughts

If you see the same time on the clock everyday, it’s no coincidence. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as synchronicity and is a result of the universal powers trying to communicate with you.

If you’ve been extremely occupied with daily life, you may not have noticed other subtle messages that have been presented to you, so the spirit world is trying to catch your attention in every possible way.

Therefore, take note of your thoughts at the time and of the sequence of numbers that you see on the clock so that you can decipher the message that is being presented to you.

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