What Do Fruit Flies Mean Spiritually? [Huge Significance!]

what do fruit flies mean spiritually

For many people, fruit flies are annoying pests that destroy our fruit that we’ve labored so hard to grow. However, it’s interesting to learn that they also have quite a distinct spiritual significance like all the other creatures in the world. So, what do fruit flies mean spiritually?

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Fruit flies symbolize transformation, survival and messages from the divine. Who would have thought that these tiny pests would have such strong significance. But then, all creatures great or small on this planet that we live, have an important role to play and give us messages when they appear.

Let’s discover the significance of seeing fruit flies in your garden or wherever you may be outdoors.

A Symbol Of Transformation

When you consider the life cycle of the fruit fly, you will understand that it goes through a variety of transformations during this cycle. Fruit flies start out as tiny eggs laid within the fruit, whether fresh or decaying. Once these eggs hatch, tiny larvae emerge. These larvae then feed and pupate before they finally emerge to become fully fledged adult fruit flies.

Therefore, fruit flies symbolize a constant and continuous transformation. Just like these tiny creatures, we humans also go through numerous transformations throughout our lives. These can be spiritually, physically and also mentally.

So, if you happen to come across some fruit flies, it could be an indication that you’re about to undergo another important transformation very soon.

On the other hand, if you’ve been thinking about making a major change in your life, the appearance of the fruit flies could be a confirmation that the change you plan to make will have positive outcomes and that you should definitely go ahead with it.

A Symbol Of Survival

Fruit flies know all about survival. They not only feed on the fresh fruit that is growing on our trees but they will often hunt for any scraps of fruit that has been discarded. This means that fruit flies are highly adaptable and have the ability to survive no matter where they are.

What we can take from this amazing survival ability is the knowledge that we too, can adapt and survive, no matter what type of situations we find ourselves in.

Seeing fruit flies often could be construed as a message from the universe that you are perfectly capable to deal with the struggles and challenges that you’re currently facing. Perhaps, you currently don’t have everything that you want. Or maybe, you’re having to make-do with second-hand goods rather than nice, shiny new ones.

By seeing fruit flies around you, the universe is saying is that it’s totally fine to be adaptable and to enjoy and use what you already have at your disposal rather than worrying or fantasizing about what you don’t have.

This is certainly a powerful lesson if you’re going through some tough times. It’s a reminder to be grateful for what you do have and a message from the universe that your basic needs will always be met if you are adaptable.

A Message From Divine Beings

All throughout history, fruit flies have been mentioned as bringing messages from divine beings to us humans, here on earth. They have featured often in both Greek and Native American mythology and have even been mentioned in the Christian bible.

Therefore, if you’re constantly seeing fruit flies around you, the universe could be trying to send you a message. Of course, it’s up to you to determine what that message is.

The best thing you can do is to connect with your spirit guides through some form of meditation or other spiritual practice. Then, simply ask for them to send you some sort of sign that will clarify the message that they’re trying to send you.

The Ability To See Clearly

Like all species of flies, fruit flies have very keen eyesight with their compound eyes. Often, they are able to see things from many different angles and perspectives.

Therefore, if you’re constantly coming into contact with fruit flies, it might be a message that you need to see a current situation from a different perspective.

Perhaps, there’s a problem that you’re dealing with that you just can’t seem to be able to figure out. If this is the case, it might be time to step back and try to look at it from another angle. Are there solutions that you haven’t even considered yet?

Quite often, when we look at a challenge or problem from a different angle or with fresh eyes, the solution seems almost ridiculously easy.

Don’t Dwell On The Small Unimportant Issues

Another meaning that we can associate with the fruit fly is that we shouldn’t be focusing all our attention on small problems that really don’t hold a lot of significance.

Just like the fruit fly itself, these smaller issues are just a nuisance but they are not posing a threat to our way of life. Therefore, if you’re confronted by a few fruit flies, it could be a message from the universe that you should focus more on the important things in life and just let those small irritations go.

What Can It Mean If You Dream About Fruit Flies [4 Meanings]

When we see various creatures in our dreams, this can have a significant meaning and we should be aware of this after we wake up. Like with most other creatures, seeing fruit flies in your dreams could have a number of different meanings. Here are just a few to ponder.

1. Being Surrounded By Fruit Flies

If you are surrounded by fruit flies in your dream, it could be an indication that there is trouble surrounding you in your workplace. It could be someone you work with who is trying to sabotage how well your work is being perceived. If this is the case, it’s time to confront the person and find out why.

2. Eating Fruit Containing Fruit Flies

If you dream about biting into a piece of fruit that contains fruit flies, it could be a warning that you are not being careful enough with your finances and you are perhaps, spending recklessly. It could be a sign that you should consider being more frugal with your spending.

3. Eating Fruit Flies

The thought of eating fruit flies doesn’t sound too pleasant but if you dream about doing this, it could mean that you’re holding onto sadness, guilt or other negative emotions that you really need to release. Consider engaging in some spiritual guidance that will help you to release those negative emotions.

4. Fruit Flies In Your Body

Another quite unpleasant thought is dreaming about fruit flies that are actually in your body. This can be a message from the universe that it’s time to engage in a healthier lifestyle and perhaps, start an exercise program.

Final Thoughts

Usually, we consider fruit flies as simply pests that can be annoying but don’t really cause us any harm. It’s interesting to learn that even these tiny, seemingly insignificant, creatures can have a deeper spiritual meaning.

In essence, they signify transformation, survival and can bring messages from the divine. They also remind us that we should not focus on the small nuisances in our life but rather, focus our attention on those things that are really important and that will help us to continue on our chosen path.

Even dreaming about fruit flies can have some important meanings. It all depends on what the fruit flies are doing or how they are appearing in your dreams.

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