What Does Déjà Vu Mean Spiritually? [Learn The Spiritual Meanings]

what does deja vu mean spiritually

Déjà vu is a feeling of knowing, whether it’s a place we recognize, a conversation we’ve already had or even another person we feel like we’ve already met.

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Could it just be a coincidence that a couple of days after we dream something, it becomes a reality? Or after 10 minutes of meeting someone for the first time, you feel like you’ve known that person forever.

Is it natural to be in the middle of a conversation, then suddenly recall the same conversation, with the same person happening before, but you’re unable to remember when and it’s even in the same place.

This is déjà vu and many people have experienced it, yet so few people know why it happens, and even less people understand it.

In this article we will be taking a deeper look into –

  • What is déjà vu?
  • Why does déjà vu happen?
  • Déjà vu in dreams
  • Déjà vu in past lives

For centuries people around the world have reported having this strange phenomenon of déjà vu, yet still nobody seems to know the exact reason. Spiritually enlightened people seem to give the most plausible explanations.

What Is Déjà Vu?

There are 3 different types of déjà vu, Déjà vécu (“already lived”) Déjà senti (“already felt”) Déjà visité (“already visited”) which you can read more about what déjà vu means here.

When it comes to Déjà vu there are so many theories, everyone has an opinion and it really gets people thinking and talking. Déjà vu is like rewinding a movie and watching it again, it’s an intense feeling of having already being in that situation.

If it’s your first déjà vu experience, you will probably be taken aback and tell your friends and family about your experience, yet only a few people will understand. As time goes on it will begin to feel more normal, and you’ll start recognizing the signs of needing to raise your awareness of the spirit world.

Interesting Fact
If you do have a Déjà vu moment, accept it, look at it as a positive message, positive energy, acknowledge it and thank the universe for allowing you to connect. We have to be grateful for everything we have and everything we receive, it’s the law of attraction, if we’re grateful for the gifts we have and receive, then that will attract more.

Déjà Vu In Dreams

When you are open to something it is more likely to happen, but you must let it in. There are people who use déjà vu in their day-to-day life to help them be the best version of themselves.

There are others who believe it’s their ancestors guiding them through dreams, either directing or warning them about choices they are making in life.

The more moments of Déjà vu you have, the more insightful you will become and it will be easier to translate and understand the meaning of the message. Déjà vu can also be a warning, but only for the better good of the person experiencing it.

Earlier I wrote about people using Déjà vu to improve their life, well people who get Déjà vu in their dreams often get warnings about ongoing or upcoming events which would not be good for them.

People who are enlightened and vibrating on a higher frequency will know how to translate these dreams, then recognize the event right before or just as it happens.

It could be something as simple as – in the dream you answered no to a question asked, and it caused a fight, so when the event is occurring, you change your answer to the question and reply yes, thus avoiding the fight.

Other people may say they had prophetic dreams after they have a Déjà vu dream, the main thing is they are acknowledging the dream, they are noticing the event. This will make them pay more attention to future dreams and trigger their natural psychic ability.

Some people may say that Déjà vu are only our forgotten dreams, then when it plays out it triggers our conscious and therefore, we think it’s an event we’ve already taken part in.

However, this doesn’t explain two people meeting each other and having a strong bond which feels like they’ve known each other their entire life, when it’s only been 30 minutes and the bond is felt by both parties, I doubt very much both of them had the same forgotten dream.

Why Does Déjà Vu Happen?

Explaining why déjà vu happens isn’t so simple, it’s sometimes described as a spiritual awakening. While scientists would argue it’s a neurological problem as can be read here.

Many people believe Déjà vu is a message from the universe telling us we are on the right path in life. Often people say Déjà vu are past memory flashes from our previous lives, some believe it’s our ancestors trying to communicate and guide us, while others believe it’s our natural intuition kicking in as we grow spiritually.

It has been known for these déjà vu moments to occur at critical times in our lives, for example if we have to make a tough decision, if we’re struggling with grief after the loss of a loved, when we’re really anxious etc.

It’s believed déjà vu occurs at these times as somewhere in the past, in our past life, or the life of an ancestor there has been a struggle with this very dilemma we’re facing now. The déjà vu ignites the memories to reassure us that this too will pass, and we are strong enough to get through this.

Another common explanation for spiritual déjà vu is our psychic abilities, now you probably read that and thought ‘ but I am not psychic’ The thing is, we all have the power within us to be psychic in one way or another, the reason we’re not is because we weren’t taught how to utilize this ability.

We need to awaken these abilities, start listening to the signs of Déjà vu and the universe, and acting on our intuition.

These déjà vu moments are the universe alerting you to what’s possible, trying to communicate with you and tell you to listen to your intuition, show you that you are vibrating on a higher frequency and are capable of living a more insightful mindful life.

Déjà Vu & The Future

We can learn to use déjà vu spiritually, by listening to the universe, trust your intuition. Déjà vu is showing you that you or on the right path and becoming more aware of yourself, and your natural capabilities. It’s showing you that your intuition is to be trusted.

In some cultures today, they still believe that Déjà vu is a message from the spiritual world. If we think about that, people in spirit don’t have the ego we have in the physical world.

Therefore, they would wish no harm on us, what they are trying to communicate with us would be good and positive, they are trying to help up make decisions and the right choices for the future.

Spiritually, déjà vu is often seen as a gift, not everyone accepts it as a gift though, we question it and analyse it, yet very few people use it to improve their life. Déjà vu is said to occur when we are aligned with the universe, when we are open minded and don’t allow the ego to be in control.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is déjà vu a warning?

Déjà vu can be considered a warning, but only for the recipients higher good.

Is déjà vu a spiritual gift?

Déjà vu is a spiritual gift, however we need to practice and learn how to translate the message we are being sent.

What is déjà vu a sign of?

Déjà vu is often considered to be a sign of spiritual growth, or a sign you are on the right path.

Is Déjà vu a good omen?

Most people see déjà vu weird or scary, however it’s actually a very positive omen.

What does it mean when you get déjà vu regularly?

When you regularly experience déjà vu, it can be a sign you’re aligned with the universe, you’re becoming enlightened, your intuition is developing, and psychic abilities are initializing.

Final Thoughts

So, from everything we know about déjà vu, it’s definitely happening for a positive reason.

Whether it’s to tell you that you’re spiritual perspective is growing, or if it’s a message from our ancestors, there is nothing negative about it.

If you get déjà vu often and you’re still not understanding, I recommend meditation.

If you are growing spiritually and having déjà vu, then you will be noticing other slight changes too, like how you are perceiving situations.

As we become more enlightened, the world starts looking different, you find you are attracted to a different friend group, friends who understand your déjà vu and who are also spiritually awakened.

Déjà vu will remain a controversial subject as it hasn’t been proven. However, we believe where nothing has been decided, anything is possible.

Many spiritualists over the years have told their stories about déjà vu, many have spoken about dreaming a situation then days later being in that exact situation. As I said at the beginning of this article, everyone has an opinion on déjà vu.

Now in my humble opinion, as someone spiritually enlightened, but who has also studied neurology and psychology, I have to say I believe the stories passed on by all the spiritualists regarding déjà vu, for the simple reason being as much as I love science, I cannot deny my own experience’s involving déjà vu.

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