What Do Beauty Marks Mean Spiritually?

what do beauty marks mean spiritually

For centuries, beauty spots have been a topic of great discussion and debates. Some people believe they are wounds carried over from past lives, while others believe they are the mark of the devil and have evil spirits.

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However, there are also people who believe these beauty spots can give us relevant information about a persons character and destiny.

Beauty spots are brown, tan, black, pink, or blue and can be oval or round spots, which can be found anywhere on the body and some of them actually have hair growing out of them.

Do you have a beauty spot, or are you interested in finding out what someone else’s beauty spot means? Then check out our table below.

What Are Beauty Marks?

Most people will know what a beauty mark looks like, however not so many will know what it actually is. It’s a pigmented patch on the skin caused by melanin growing in clusters.

This much is agreed on, however after this it gets a little confusing, on a scientific level beauty marks, birth marks and moles are the same thing.

Some top dermatologists believe this too, although other top dermatologists don’t. Only 1% of babies are born with beauty spots, which are thought by some people to be caused by genetic make up.

Everyone else is thought to acquire them throughout childhood or through sun exposure.

Beauty Marks in Spiritually?

For centuries beauty marks have had a spiritual meaning (learn the spiritual meaning of strawberry birthmarks), from the ancient Greeks to imperial China, right through to the 15th century witch trials and indeed to the present day. Beauty spots have remained in the spotlight when it comes to spirituality.

Whether they were believed to be a positive thing, a negative thing or just something which people get to keep up with the current trend, beauty spots have always had a place in society.

Beauty Marks in Ancient Greece

As far back as ancient Greece beauty spots have been used to predict someone’s future. If you had a beauty mark (referred to as olives) on your face you were considered lucky and thought to have been heading for a successful life.

However if the pigmented patch was found to be on your throat or on your back then you were doomed. It predicted a premature death.

Beauty marks were also thought of in the same light during the roman and Egyptian eras.

Beauty Marks During The 15th and 16th Century Witch Trials

Back during the gruesome witch trials, anyone with a beauty mark would try to keep it hidden. People back then believed that not just beauty spots, but any scar or mark on your body, was the mark of a witch and that you were possessed by the devil.

There were actually teams of men that would go around and ransack your house if they believed you were involved in witchcraft.

In today’s world we can make home remedies and cures, but back then if you were known to be doing this, they would suspect you were a witch.

If you were found with a beauty mark they would either burn you, hang you, drown you or torture you until you died. Many people were reported to have actually burned their beauty spots to try and remove them.

Beauty Marks In Imperial China

Thousands of years ago a practice started called mian xiang it means face reading and was used as a form of divination. Similar to today’s facial recognition, this practice would study the persons facial structure and features, then the beauty mark would be the main point of determining their personality and how their life would unfold.

Much of their destiny was based solely on the colour of the beauty mark, everything would be great if your beauty mark was found to be red or black. However if it was brown then this was seen as trouble, a struggle and a serious warning sign.

Beauty Marks In Religion

Some people believe that beauty spots are a gift from God. A true sign of love and protection, with a strong spiritual significance for guidance and revelations.

It’s similar to when you are born with or develop an upside down heart, it’s said to be the house of David from the bible.

Beauty Marks From a Past Life

This seems to be a widespread belief as to why people actually have beauty spots.

Many people believe that beauty spots are from past lives. It’s said that we have been reincarnated, and the beauty spots are actually marks from battles we had or the reason we passed away in our previous life.

So if we have a beauty spot on our back, it could mean we were stabbed in a previous life. If we have multiple beauty spots then perhaps these are representing more than one of our past lives.

Interesting Fact
Only 1% of babies are born with beauty spots, and 1 in 100 people have a beauty spot.

Beauty Marks In Astrology

We all know about astrology and our birth signs, however did you know that there is a specific astrology that reveals a persons character and destiny through the placement of their beauty spots?

As with everything polarity has a part to play in the translation of the location of the beauty marks. It is believed that during early development of the foetus, depending on the planetary positions it will affect where the beauty spot will be.

So depending on the time it will determine if the planet is masculine or feminine, and from there the beauty spot will be on the corresponding side of the body.

It is believed the placement of the beauty spot can tell you if the person will be successful or not, if they will have a healthy life, and even if they will have a happy marital life with many wonderful children.

Beauty Marks In Fashion

In today’s world beauty spots are seen as just that, something that makes a person physically look more beautiful.

Many top celebrities adorn such beauty spots, this isn’t a new trend either, looking back the iconic Marilyn Monroe had a natural beauty spot she flaunted proudly back in the 1950’s, at that time beauty spots became a must have for everyone who was anyone in show business.

However as mentioned before beauty spots have always had a place in society. After the witch trials had passed, people started showing their beauty spots off again.

In the 18th century people would get artificial beauty marks made from velvet or moleskin, and stick them to their face. These beauty spots were actually dual purpose, as they were covering scars left by the smallpox.

It’s thought the placement of the beauty spot would be a signal of the persons mood, and if it was worn on the cheek it was perceived as a sign of flirtation.

During the 1980’s and early 90’s we saw another stream of celebrities boasting the beauty mark, such as Madonna and Cindy Crawford. Of course this lead to many youngsters imitating the beauty spot, by making their own beauty spot using eye liner or mascara.

Beauty Marks In Today’s World

In today’s world thankfully people are more educated, witchcraft is being accepted and it’s actually becoming somewhat of a trend.

Many of these modern day witches are looking for any confirmation that they are from a magical bloodline, therefore they are searching their bodies for every little beauty mark they have, and sharing it with the world to try and get some recognition.

Now a witches mark isn’t always a beauty spot, it could be an extra finger or toe or even a third nipple. The third nipple was said to be how witches used to feed their familiar (their pet) that did their bidding for them.

You don’t need to be a direct bloodline descendant, or have a beauty spot to be a witch, the practice can be learned.

Also in today’s world beauty spots are seen as just that, something that makes a person physically look more beautiful.

The reason for this is that we have 2 initial incarnations, one would be masculine and the other feminine, born as the same person and therefore having the same beauty spot.

Where’s Your Beauty Mark?

Where Is Your Beauty Mark? Meaning
Forehead (middle) Calm, wise and is insightful
Forehead (right) Wealth and happiness
Forehead (left) Has bad luck and is self centered
Eyebrow (middle) Leadership qualities, very successful and possibility of being famous
Eyebrow (right) Happy life, good marriage and healthy children
Eyebrow (left) Coward, difficulties in business and life
Eye (right) Very honest and hard-working
Eye (left) Arrogant and often has a pessimistic attitude
Cheek (right) Dominating, logical mind and knows how to make money
Cheek (left) Introvert, short tempered and bad with finances
Nose (tip) Impulsive and doesn’t think about decisions
Nose (right) Will get money easily and without a struggle
Nose (left) Extremely stingy and may struggle in life
Nose (below) Can attract the opposite sex easily
Ear Success and luxurious lifestyle
Ear (tip) Very intellectual
Upper Lip Health issues and gain weight easily, be careful what you eat.
Lower Lip Great taste in food and drama
Tongue Speech impediments and problems in education
Tongue (tip) Very diplomatic, good organiser and also great taste in food
Chin (middle) Adventurous, loves to travel and explore
Chin (right) Logical and diplomatic
Chin (left) Can be blunt but very honest
Neck (front) Good luck, soothing voice and artistic
Neck (back) Aggressive temperament
Shoulder (right) Courageous and wise
Shoulder (left) Stubborn and often gets into fights
Arms Good natured and well mannered
Arm (right) Smart and intellectual
Arm (left) Desires luxurious lifestyle but stays standard
Elbow Restless,good at art, loves to travel and will be wealthy
Wrist Innovative,highly creative and has skills to be a painter or writer
Inner Palms Many challenges and obstacles in life
Finger or Thumb Unlucky, untrustworthy and has a habit of exaggerating
Ribs (right) Lies easily and has inner fears
Ribs (left) Will always have an average life
Backbone Success, leadership and fame
Below Shoulder Blades Struggle often through life
Above Shoulder Blades Has the courage to fight obstacles in life and be content
Chest Strong sensual tendencies
Stomach/Abdomen High spirited
Stomach (right) Strong financial background, but could have a weakness for women
Stomach (left) Jealous and prefers to make money the easy way
Hips Jolly nature, affectionate and loyal
Hip (right) Creative and very wise
Hip (left) Will have a satisfying life on low income
Genitals Open minded, honest,generous, happy marital life,and very comfortable lifestyle
Thigh (right) Moderate temperament and fearless
Thigh (left) Artistic streak but may be lazy and not achieve
Knee (right) Honest, friendly and successful in love
Knee (left) Courage to take risks and loves to live a lavish life
Calf (right) Success and prosperity in all ventures
Calf (left) May travel to due to work, and has a wide circle of friends
Legs Doesn’t think before taking action and fearless of consequences. Surrounded by controversies and has a bad attitude
Ankle (right) Has good foresight and like to talk a lot
Ankle (left) Religiously inclined towards God.
Foot (right) Will get a good spouse and a satisfactory life
Foot (left) Money problems and issues with spouse
Foot (sole) Frequently sick, has many enemies and misfortune
Toes Unhappy marital life, after marrying someone rich and being financially secure

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does it mean when you get more beauty spots ?

In childhood and adolescence it’s normal to see more beauty spots appearing. As we grow and are exposed to the sun more, we also notice more beauty marks. Some people believe it’s a sign of wisdom and knowledge.

What does beauty spots on your face mean spiritually ?

Beauty spots on your face, neck and shoulders are indeed seen as a mark of beauty. As you’ll read in the article above there are many different theories for such beauty marks.

What are the signs of spiritual beauty ?

Spiritual beauty is not a physical feature, it’s more to do with the soul within and the intentions. As we learn our spiritual meaning and content in life, the happiness then reflects outward and can be seen in your face.

Are beauty spots genetic ?

Some dermatologists believe they are genetic, however it’s been said that no two beauty spots will be the same. Others believe that when family members do have the exact same spot, it’s a sign from their ancestors that they are ‘gifted’

Are beauty marks lucky ?

Beauty spots have been said to be lucky, it depends where they are placed. So for example if you have a beauty spot on your tongue, it could indicate a speech impediment. However if it’s on the tip of your tongue, you could have exquisite taste in food.

If your beauty spot near your backbone, it’s believed you’ll reach fame and fortune, however if the beauty spot is below your shoulder blade, then you’re destined for continuous struggles in life and bad luck unfortunately.

Final Thoughts

Love them or hate them, beauty spots really give us food for thought. There are still a couple of groups of people I haven’t mentioned in this article yet, so lets take a look and see what some other people believe.

We have the people who say ‘Beauty spots are just a mark or just a mole, but we call them beauty spots to make the children happy’ My reply to these people would be, it doesn’t matter what we call them, they still have a spiritual purpose.

Many people today have said they wouldn’t have their beauty spots removed as it might have a negative impact on their life.

There are also people who believe that if more than one member of the family have the beauty spot in the same place, then they are definitely from a pure spiritual bloodline.

Recently I read a statement about beauty spots, it actually made me stop and think, the gentleman wrote ‘ I think it shows how spiritually bankrupt we are, if we need to start looking at ourselves for signs’

It sort of made my heart sink, but it did ring true. I guess if we have a pure spiritual bloodline and we’re told about our ancestors ‘gifts’ then we don’t have any need to look for signs. At the same time however, it’s always nice to have the physical confirmation.

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