Biting Tongue In Sleep: Spiritual Meaning & Symbolism

biting tongue in sleep spiritual meaning

Have you ever bitten your tongue in your sleep? This would probably have caused you to wake up quite abruptly as you feel the pain from your teeth clamping down on your tongue. Apart from the nuisance of being woken up from your slumber and the pain in your mouth, have you ever wondered whether biting your tongue in your sleep has a spiritual meaning?

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You might be surprised to learn that biting your tongue in your sleep does actually have a spiritual message. More often than not, it’s a message from the universe to look out for impending danger that may be coming your way.

Let’s delve into all the possible spiritual meanings of biting your tongue in your sleep.

It’s A Sign That You Lack Spiritual Alertness

It’s easy to neglect our spiritual side when life is busy and we have so many different things to attend to day in and day out. You might think about doing some meditating or going for a long walk in nature, but then you look at your to-do list and say “I just don’t have the time!”

This is when you’ll get a wake-up call from the universe in the form of a rude awakening during your peaceful slumber because you’ve bitten your tongue. Your spiritual guides are telling you that neglecting your inner self is going to leave you wide open to negative influences.

When this happens, it’s time to stop and listen. Re-evaluate what’s truly important and plan some time each day to spend on your spiritual growth and inner peace. This could just be a 15 minute meditation or a half hour walk down the beach or in your favorite natural setting.

It Could Be A Call To Action

If you’ve been heading through life and immersing yourself in the busyness of it all, biting your tongue in your sleep could be a call to action from the universe. It’s one way that the universal power can get your attention and encourage you to focus on your inner growth.

If your own spiritual power has been neglected and is now weak, you leave yourself open to all sorts of negative forces. When this happens, your spiritual guides need to nudge you to reconnect and, once again, fortify your spiritual strength.

Therefore, the next time you’re rudely awakened because your tongue hurts, think about what you’ve been doing in regard to growing your spiritual awareness and strength. If the answer is “not much”, then it’s time to rectify this situation and start working on your inner growth.

Let’s look at some more specific messages that the universe could be presenting to you by causing you to bite your tongue in your sleep.

Impending Conflict Between You And Your Spouse

If you’ve been neglecting your relationship, there could be trouble on the horizon. Biting your tongue in your sleep is a wake-up call for you to start looking at your relationship more closely and to give your spouse more attention.

To ward off any looming conflict, now is the time to truly focus on understanding your spouse and communicating in an open and meaningful way. If you fail to take heed of this message, it could mean that your relationship is in trouble and you might face a break-up.

Therefore, take careful notice of this message and start really listening and spending more quality time with your significant other.

Choose Your Words More Carefully

This is more than likely where the phrase “bite your tongue” comes from. When you bite your tongue while you’re sleeping, it could be message from the universe that you should choose the words that you speak more carefully.

Perhaps there are people around you who may use your words against you. In this case, you should be mindful of your interactions with others around this time and carefully construct what you’re going to say and what is better left unsaid.

Don’t Spill Your Secrets To The World

This is another warning from the universe to choose your words carefully. There may be people around you who want to betray you. Therefore, keep your secrets to yourself and don’t tell your life story to everyone that you meet.

Perhaps you’re being too open and friendly with strangers or people who you’ve only just met. Learn to be a little more reserved during this time because you may not yet know the intentions of those people.

You’re Being Reprimanded For Speaking Negative Words

Have you ever experienced a time where negative words just came out of your mouth before you realized it and you ended being embarrassed and chastised yourself for uttering those words?

Well, making you bite your tongue in your sleep is the universe’s way of reprimanding you for speaking negative words or indulging in unfavorable behavior towards others.

Your spiritual guides could also be telling you that the negative words that you’ve spoken have brought a spate of bad luck into your life. To change this, start changing your dialogue and only let positive words come out of your mouth.

You Need To Stop Being Dishonest

Whether you’re aware of it or not, in this situation, the universe is telling you to stop doing anything that is dishonest and not pure and truthful.

When you’re not being completely honest and truthful, you immediately attract dishonest people into your life. Eventually, these people will hurt and betray you.

This is another wake-up call to encourage you to stop being dishonest or being involved in less than truthful actions or activities. Make sure that you take heed and start only engaging in honest and truthful activities.

You Have A Lack Of Self-Control

This is another important message that you can learn when you bite your tongue in your sleep. Think about it. Biting your tongue is an involuntary action, especially while you’re sleeping.

Conversely, when you lack self-control in your everyday life, you’re letting others dictate your actions while you’re just going along with the flow.

Therefore, you need to be more conscious of the decisions that you make and the actions that you take. Don’t let yourself be easily influenced by others. Learn to be totally in control of your life from now on.

There’s Gossip Around You

There’s a common spiritual saying that when your ears are ringing, someone is talking about you. Well, this particular message is very similar to that. When you bite your tongue in your sleep it could be a warning that someone is gossiping about you.

More than likely, this is someone who is close to you and who you trust. This person might be going behind your back and spreading rumors about you that are not true.

There’s an interesting belief in Filipino lore, that when you bite your tongue in your sleep, you should immediately choose a number from 1 to 26. This number will correspond to a letter in the alphabet and this letter is the first initial of the person who is gossiping about you.

If you believe that this might be the message for you, treat everyone who is close to you with a little extra caution. Perhaps distance yourself from close friends or relatives who have recently made you feel just a little uncomfortable. This inner feeling of discomfort is telling you that something is not quite right.

What Can It Mean When You Bite Your Tongue During The Day

If you bite your tongue while you’re wide awake during the day, it’s a sure sign that you’re having a bad day. It could mean that you’ve made a lot of mistakes and that you’re not fully in control of your actions.

This is a sign from your spiritual guides that you need to pay attention and take better control of your actions and words. It could also be a warning that you should hold your tongue and not say something that you might regret or that might have negative implications down the track.

This is a powerful warning from the universe that what you might say or do could be detrimental to your life, your career or your relationships.

Final Thoughts

Let’s face it. Biting your tongue in your sleep is not a nice experience at all. But, once the pain subsides, take some quiet time and listen to the possible messages that the universe may be trying to give you.

This is perhaps a good time to sit quietly and meditate and take heed of the messages that are coming through as you do so. Listen to the thoughts that are coming into your mind and try and determine what the precise message is.

Then, think about your words and actions over the past few days and try to determine if they’ve been overly negative. Or, perhaps you’ve had some uncomfortable feelings when you’ve been in the company of someone who you trust.

All of this soul searching will help you to understand why you’ve bitten your tongue in your sleep and what messages your spiritual guides are trying to convey to you. Once you have some definitive answers, you have the ability to more forward in a more positive and spiritually enlightened way.

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