9 Spiritual Meanings Of Having 6 Fingers [Explained]

spiritual meaning of having 6 fingers

The phenomenon of having 6 fingers instead of 5 is referred to as polydactyly and it’s actually quite common. In fact, one in every 500 to 1000 babies are born with this condition. These days, it’s referred to as a defect but it appears that in ancient times, it was far more common.

There are numerous spiritual beliefs around people who have six fingers, whether on just one hand or both. Some believe that a person born with an extra digit is able to easily tap into a higher level of consciousness or that the person has supernatural abilities.

There are other beliefs that say that a person with six fingers is lucky, creative, wealthy, sensitive, hard-working or even, connected to the spiritual realm.

Here are a few of the more common spiritual meanings associated with having 6 fingers.

You Have Special And Unique Talents

Physically, you know that you’re just a little unique because you have six fingers. However, many cultures also believe that a person born with six fingers is gifted and should be revered and respected.

According to the bible in the Christian religion, a person with six fingers has been reincarnated back to earth to help others. Others believe that having six fingers is a sign of good luck.

You Are Financially Gifted

Many different cultures think of the number six as a lucky number. Especially in relation to money and finances. Therefore, someone born with six fingers is destined to be blessed with financial wealth as well as good business sense.

You Are Lucky

It is believed that people who are born with six fingers are destined to be lucky. They have the ability to attract positive people and other good things into their lives. If you are one such person, it seems that the more positive energy you send out, the more will come back to you.

You Have A Strong Connection To The Spiritual Realm

A person born with six fingers is believed to have a strong connection to the spiritual realm. This means that these people are likely to follow a more spiritual path that involves both service to god and service to others.

You Are A Highly Creative Individual

It’s also believed that people with six fingers are more creative and more skilled at working with their hands. Therefore, many six-fingered individuals end up in the arts.

You Have Been Gifted With Great Power And Strength

There are many world leaders who have six fingers. That’s because it is believed that a person with six fingers has been gifted with great power and strength.

In fact, in ancient times, it was believed that a child who was born with six fingers was destined to be a king.

You Have Been Gifted With Discipline

There’s also a common belief that a person born with six fingers also has the traits of hard work and dedication. That’s because this person has been gifted with the ability to work persistently and with discipline.

Your Are Destined For A Journey Of Growth

Because a person who is born with six fingers is believed to be more spiritually aware, it’s also believed that this person has psychic abilities. This will lead him or her along a journey of personal growth and self-discovery.

You Can Bring Harmony And Balance Into Your Life

Being an even number, six is seen as a balance between the yin and yang energies within the person who has been blessed with that extra digit. This means that anyone who has six fingers is likely to live a more balanced and harmonious life.

Some Interesting Historical Facts About People With Six Fingers

When looking at historical ruins, cave drawings and petroglyphs, it is quite common to see people depicted as having six fingers and toes.

In fact, archaeologists who visited the ancient ruins of Chaco Canyon in New Mexico, found that three out of the 96 skeletons that they uncovered had six toes on their right foot and all of them had an extra finger. To these ancient tribes, having an extra digit was seen as a sign of great respect.

In other archaeological discoveries around the Indian Creek State Park, petroglyphs were uncovered that displayed people who also had six fingers and toes.

There’s also a tribe in Ecuador called the Waorani. Most of the people in the tribe have six fingers and six toes and are supremely healthy and strong.

You will also find quite a few ancient statues around the world that depict people who have six fingers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is special about people with 6 fingers?

It is believed that people who have 6 fingers have more dexterity than those with only 5.

Who had 6 fingers according to the bible?

The third son of Goliath, whose name does not appear in the bible, is believed to have had six fingers and six toes. And, this was on both of his hands and both of his feet.

Is having 6 fingers rare?

Actually, this condition named polydactyly is relatively common. Around one in every 500 to 1000 babies are born with this congenital hand abnormality. However, usually only one hand has the extra digit.

Final Thoughts

Being born with six fingers is truly a unique phenomenon and will certainly get you plenty of attention. In fact, there are many ancient relics, cave drawings and petroglyphs that depict people with six fingers.

There are also many different spiritual meanings that can be attributed to having six fingers. It is believed that any person who is born with an extra digit is spiritually connected and even has psychic abilities.

It’s also believed that those born with six fingers are gifted with natural creative talents, a good head for business, the ability to attain wealth and a desire for personal growth.

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