6 Spiritual Meanings Of Lower Back Pain [Explained]

spiritual meaning of lower back pain

While lower back pain may be the result of an injury or a strain, there are also metaphysical factors involved with this type of pain. This is because our mind, body and spirit are all connected and when something is troubling us emotionally, it can actually result in physical pain. So, what spiritual meanings can be associated with lower back pain?

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As the back represents our support system, pain in this area could indicate that we are feeling unsupported. Certain fears can also trigger lower back pain. These include fears of not having enough, a lack of money or trouble with our finances and the fear of losing material belongings.

Let’s explore some of the spiritual meanings associated with lower back pain.

It’s Time To Release Those Negative Emotions

Anytime you experience pain in your lower back and there doesn’t appear to be a physical reason for it, it means that the pain is trying to alert you to a message from the universe.

One such message could be that it’s time for you to release those negative emotions that you’ve been holding onto. More often than not, an abundance of negative energy will manifest itself as physical pain.

Therefore, if you’re suffering from lower back pain, you need to take a deeper look at your emotions to discover whether you have any recurring feelings of depression, anxiety, fear or even self-doubt. Also, consider whether you’re carrying around feelings of anger, hate, vengeance, jealousy or even loneliness.

If you are harboring those feelings, it’s time to let them go and over time, the pain will disappear. Seek spiritual guidance through meditation to assist you in this.

Let Go Of The Past

In a slightly similar vein, experiencing lower back pain could indicate that you’re holding onto the past. For example, you may be lamenting some bad choices that you have made or you might be feeling guilty about things that you did a long time ago.

Hanging onto all of this guilt can keep you in pain until you learn to let it all go and move on with your life by focusing on the present and the future.

Find A Support System That Works For You

As we’ve already learned, the spine represents the support system for your body. Therefore, pain in the lower back could indicate that you’re currently lacking an effect support system in your life.

This means that you might be feeling overwhelmed and having trouble dealing with all of your current commitments. The fact that you have lower back pain at this time is a clear message that you need some help and don’t have to do everything yourself.

Therefore, have a close look at all of your commitments and try to establish in which areas you could avail yourself of assistance from the people around you. This could also include joining some local community organizations where you might be able to meet people who could easily assist you and provide some relief.

You Might Be Heading In The Wrong Direction

Messages from the universe can come to you in a variety of ways. Therefore, if you’re suffering from lower back pain, it could mean that the universe wants to steer you in a different direction because you’ve strayed from the path that you’re supposed to be on.

It could also indicate that you are failing to learn from your mistakes and you keep repeating them without looking for ways that you can do things differently. Therefore, if life feels like a constant struggle, and it shouldn’t, have a look at where you’re going wrong and try and correct some of the mistakes that you’ve been making.

Also, take a closer look at the current path you’re on. If you’re constantly faced with major obstacles, perhaps it’s time to change direction and get back on the right track.

You Have A Lack Of Belief In Yourself

Suffering from lower back pain could indicate that you don’t believe in your own abilities and skills. Having limiting beliefs in what you can and should achieve can result in pain as a reminder that you are capable of far more and that you need to take some chances and take advantage of the opportunities that are being presented to you.

In other words, don’t focus on what you think you can’t do, but rather, stretch yourself a little and attempt tasks that you believe are out of your skill set. You might be surprised at what you can actually achieve and how your limiting beliefs have been holding you back from those achievements.

You Are About To Enter A Spiritual Awakening

When you start to grow spiritually, you might suffer some ‘growing pains’ such as pain in your lower back. This is actually an important part of your spiritual journey and should not be viewed as a negative experience.

If you believe that this might be the cause of your lower back pain, try to do some more meditations and even spiritual exercises that will allow you to break through the difficult task of spiritual awakening.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What emotion causes lower back pain?

Psychological emotions such as anxiety and depression can result in lower back pain.

What chakra is associated with lower back pain?

Lower back pain can be attributed to a blockage in the root chakra. This blockage can also result in varicose veins and even immune problems.

What emotions are stored in the spine?

If you have some unreleased sadness, this can build up in the upper back and cause pain. It’s also common that if you carry too much grief, you will experience pain in your back.

Final Thoughts

When we experience pain in the lower back region and there is no physical explanation, it often means that we either have an emotional blockage or that we are being sent an important message from the universe.

Therefore, if you’re suffering from lower back pain and don’t know why, consider your emotions, your current path in life or whether your limiting self-beliefs are holding you back from achieving everything that you’re capable of.

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