Mole on Your Nose Spiritual Meaning [More Than a Beauty Spot?]

Could the mole on your nose be significant? Yes! According to Samudrika Shastra (the study of body marks and their meanings), a nose mole can indicate an impulsive, attractive personality. Depending on the mole’s exact location, financial success or hardship may be in your future. 

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Why Study Nose Moles?

Trying to find a hidden meaning in a skin blemish may sound silly to some people. After all, shouldn’t we try to cover up and remove blemishes?

But to those who follow Samudrika Shastra, removing their moles might be the furthest thing from their minds. Samudrika Shastra, or the Indian art of studying skin markings and their meanings, sees the beauty in what others may view as a blemish.

Mole astrology (yes, it’s a real thing!) is a subset of Samudrika Shastra and teaches that moles can indicate both a person’s nature and their future. Many believe this astrology of the skin mirrors the astrology of the stars, since moles form in utero and are thus affected by astrological signs.

So if you have a mole on your nose (or know someone who does), here is what it might say about you:

What Does A Nose Mole Mean?

In general, people with moles on their noses tend to have more impulsive personalities. You may notice that they excel in witty banter and have a great sense of humor, which often makes them popular. They may also have short tempers. Additionally, people with nose moles tend to carry themselves with self respect and confidence, which can cross the line into arrogance if left unchecked.

A mole’s deeper meaning may differ depending on the sex of the individual. For example, a mole on the nose can sometimes indicate future financial success. For females, that success will be due to their smarts. But males will succeed financially simply out of good luck.

Fun Fact
A mole on your wrist means you could become a writer or an artist!

How Might A Mole Differ From Nose To Nose?

OK, let’s dig a little deeper. (I couldn’t resist the mole pun.) You can find out even more about a mole’s meaning by studying its characteristics.

For instance, it’s important to note the mole’s exact location on the nose when trying to determine your future. For example:

Mole Location Astrological Meaning
Nose tip Impulsivity and good fortune
Lower nose tip Lust, broken marriage
Right side of nose Frivolous nature, wealth and ease
Left side of nose Frivolous nature, unlucky, difficulties ahead
Below nose Sensual, high sex drive, attractive to others
Nose bridge Unlucky in both money and career

I don’t know about you, but I sure wish I had a mole on the right side of my nose tip!

You probably figured this out by now: A mole’s size matters too. Generally the larger the mole, the more likely you are to see results. A small mole on the tip of your nose, for example, might mean you are just a little impulsive and that you will experience a few lucky breaks in life. But a larger mole may indicate a string of lifelong fortune, despite your impulsive nature.

Fun Fact


Black/dark mole: Unlucky

Light-colored mole: Lucky

A new black mole: Financial luck

Who Started Studying Moles?

Mole astrology isn’t some new fad. Ancient Greece’s most famous doctor, Hippocrates, studied moles way back in 400 BCE. You may remember from history class that Hippocrates developed a new branch of medicine based on astrology. Your teacher may not have mentioned, though, that among Hippocrates’ many studies was a fascination with mapping moles. He believed a correlation existed between moles and the stars.

Let’s jump even further back in our timeline and all the way across Europe: Around 2700 BCE, China developed “Mian Xiang”, or face reading. And one of the important components of face reading was–you guessed it–moles! According to Mian Xiang, a trained face reader can map your life from beginning to end by reading the lines, marks, and contours of your face. A mole in a particular spot may indicate the timing of an upcoming life event.

Sadly, the history of mole astrology isn’t all positive. In Medieval Europe, many believed a mole on the nose or face was a sign of demon possession or witchcraft. Think about it: What was the classic depiction of a witch for years? A hunched-over hag sporting a large mole on her even larger nose! Thankfully, this nose mole discrimination has subsided over time.

Frequently asked questions

Is it good to have a mole on the nose?

According to mole astrology, it depends! A mole on the tip of your nose, the right side of your nose, or below your nose are all indicative of good fortune. But a mole on the lower nose tip, the left side of the nose, or on the nose bridge may mean you will be unlucky in life.

Which mole represents a rich life?

A mole on the nose tip or on the right side means you will find financial success in your life.

Now What?

Who knew there was so much to learn about moles on noses? Understanding its history is fascinating whether or not you believe in the legitimacy of mole astrology. Western medicine may be able to tell you if your mole is cancerous or not, but an Eastern approach can give you insight into both your personality and your destiny.

So the next time you look in the mirror (or have coffee with your nose-mole friend), take note of the mole’s location, size, and color. You might learn something new about yourself!

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