What Does a Third Nipple Mean Spiritually? [Explained]

third nipple spiritual meaning

What does having a third nipple mean spiritually? Having a third nipple is not very common. Have you got a third nipple and always wondered why you have it and what it means, or perhaps someone you know has one, but it’s never really talked about?

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Well, they aren’t dangerous to have and are not damaging to your health. However should they start growing or changing shape, it would be best to have them checked out by a medical professional.

A third nipple can also be called a supernumerary or a third breast and is often seen as one of the most common congenital disabilities, and they can appear anywhere on the torso; however, they usually appear on the milk line.

The milk line also explains why males have nipples, and you can find out where the milk line is and how it works here.

Other people believe they were put on a person’s body by the universe to show that the person has an extraordinary power or a special gift.

What is a Third Bipple And Are They Common

Third nipples are not too common, and it’s possible you could live your entire life without meeting someone who has one.

It’s been reported that 1-5% of the population have a third nipple. It’s also believed that as many as 200,000 Americans have a third nipple, and it’s more prevalent in males than females.

Most third nipples have the appearance of a breast, even with milk ducts, although any additional breast tissue will not be functional.

In the last few years, there have been many people reporting they have a third nipple and even posting photo’s on social media.

A few celebrities have also recently admitted to having a third nipple; now, it’s seen as cool and trendy to have one.

A Third Nipple Means You Are Special

In spirituality, it’s often said people with uncommon or rare marks on their bodies are gifted.

Not everyone has a third nipple, so this alone makes you special. You are unique and should embrace this.

The third nipple is no exception, and it’s believed people with a third nipple have been given it by the universe; it’s a sign of their special gift. It shows the rest of the population that this person is unique.

Interesting Fact
In history, it was believed that if you were born with a third nipple, you were a mage or a counselor.

The Third Nipple Means You Are Emotional

As most third nipples are found on the left side of the milk line, it’s said the bearer is probably really emotional, this is because, in spirituality, the left side refers to our female side.

It’s our female side that deals with all the emotions. Therefore it’s believed people with a third nipple will be very emotional.

If you do have a third nipple and tend to struggle with emotions, you should work on trying to strike an emotional balance between emotions and logic.

If you have a third nipple, it means you have power

Some people believe that people with a third nipple have power. This power is said to manifest in a way that the person with the third nipple is very talented.

They can learn and become skilled in any area that takes their interest. They switch from one thing to another and still achieve outstanding results, no matter what they turn their hand to.

This power is a gift from the universe, as few people are proficient in such a wide range of skills and talents.

You Are Knowledgeable And Wise

In spirituality, milk signifies wisdom and growth. Women’s breasts supply milk for their babies, and instinctively the baby knows to drink it as it is a good thing.

Therefore having a third nipple is said to signify that you too, are wise and knowledgeable.

A Third Nipple Means You Are Spiritually Aware

Nipples are sensitive to things like cold and sexual touch, having a third nipple could mean you’re more discreet in your daily life and all your interactions.

Having a third nipple could mean you are more sensitive not only to the people around you, but people who are now in spirit too. It could mean you have a greater spiritual insight than a regular person.

It could also mean you are more mindful of events that occur in everyday life. If you have a third nipple and this sounds like you, then you could develop these skills further through meditation.

Third Nipple in Dreams

In dreams about third nipples, the third nipple has a whole new meaning. In dreams, the third nipple represents raw energy, fertility, and emotional drive.

Seeing the third nipple in your dreams could mean you’re facing jealousy or insecurities somewhere in your relationship.

The dream foreshadows betrayal in some part of your life, this means you have so many strong emotions which need to be dealt with.

Third nipple dreams also represent romantic disappointment, this could mean you’re scared to see your true self or actually be your true self. You must live your own truth.

Another meaning is that you actually desire a simpler life, one where your ego doesn’t have to expand for you to feel like you fit in and be happy.

Dreaming about a third nipple could also be an omen about your desire to help people who are on the path or heading down the wrong road.

Whatever the reason for your third nipple dreams, take note and try to figure out what the dream is telling you.

So What Do We Know About Third Nipples

We’ve learned that not too many people have a third nipple, and for those who do, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. We’ve also learned that having a third nipple has many possible positive explanations.

You could be special as it’s a sign from the universe. You could be more spiritually aware, as nipples are sensitive and having a third nipple could mean you’re extra sensitive to the spirit world.

You could be wise and knowledgeable, in accordance with the spiritual representation of milk. You could be talented and skilled in many different areas.

All of these reasons are positive, and you should be very proud of your third nipple and embrace it.

Anne Boleyn, one of Henry VIII’s wives, was rumored to have a third breast, which at the time was believed to be linked to witchcraft. This proceeded to be recorded in the book of medical anomalies.

Another thought about the third nipple is that many years ago it was believed to be the mark of a witch. The third nipple was said to be where the witch fed their familiar (a pet that the witch used to do their bidding for them)

They had witch prickers, who were a group of men and if they suspected someone was a witch they would strip them down and look for a third nipple.

They didn’t have the knowledge and insight into spirituality as we have today.

If they found one they would prick the nipple with a pin, if the woman or man (a man can also be a witch) couldn’t feel it then they were declared a witch.

They also believed if they pricked the third nipple with a pin and it didn’t bleed, then again, the person was a witch. The witches were then humiliated and tortured in public, some having their third nipple mutilated.

This is mainly because back then, everything was about Christianity, if you didn’t believe in God, you were a heathen and even punished and outcasted for this.

One trial record told of a mother with a third nipple who had both her breasts cut off and put into her mouth, then into the mouths of her two grown-up sons. Read more about this here.

Thankfully we live in a more educated world today, where people see the third nipple as a gift. We know of the spiritual meanings and the powers that come with a third nipple.

People with a third nipple are special, whether it be due to their spiritual awareness, or their great ability to achieve whatever they set their mind too.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are third nipples rare?

Third nipples aren’t as rare as we may think, with between 1-5% of the population having one, however more people seem to be getting more open about admitting to having a third nipple now.

What does a third nipple mean spiritually?

As you can see from the article, the third nipple has many meanings, from being emotional to having power.

Are third nipples hereditary?

It’s thought that in some cases, it could well be that the third nipple is hereditary.

Are third nipples special?

Yes, third nipples are special, as explained in the article above.

What is the spiritual meaning of the third nipple?

The third nipple has several spiritual meanings; it could mean you are knowledgeable and wise or you are spiritually aware.

Final thoughts

People with a third nipple are only among 1-5% of the population, so if you have a third nipple, you should feel special. If you have a third nipple and still haven’t worked out what the meaning is, then you could meditate it to try and find the answer.

When you know the answer, you can use this ability and strengthen it. People with a third nipple are said to be knowledgeable and wise, spiritually aware, possess a special power, or be emotional. Whatever the reason, we must embrace the third nipple as a symbol of uniqueness and a special gift.

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