Spiritual Meaning of a Broken Blood Vessel in Your Eye


It’s commonly understood that the mind, body and spirit are connected. Therefore, when your body is affected physically by pain, injury, sickness or any other type of condition, there are often symbolic spiritual messages that you need to uncover. So, what does it mean if you have a broken blood vessel in your eye?

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Although a blood vessel that has broken in your eye is not painful, it can be quite unsightly to look at. However, if you look a little deeper into the various components of this condition, you will have a better understanding of the spiritual messages that this represents. In a nutshell, any problem with the eye represents a breakthrough such as a shattering of illusions or a break in the way you see reality.

Let’s discuss the various components of a broken blood vessel in the eye so that we can put them together and clarify the spiritual meaning.

The Eyes Are The Windows To The Soul

Because the eyes represent the windows to your soul, any problems that occur in the eyes are directly connected to your inner being and this indicates that you need to change how you see both the world and people around you, and yourself.

It may also be a case of you having a dramatic break in your self-awareness or the self-image that you have of yourself. This could result in a sudden epiphany that you might find uncomfortable at first, just like the sight of the blood in your eye is uncomfortable to look at.

Blood Is Associated With Vitality And Life Force

A broken vessel brings blood to the surface of your eye. Because blood is associated with energy, passion and strength, a blood vessel that has broken could indicate that your passion and strength are breaking through to allow you to have a better understanding or different perception of the world around you.

All of this could indicate that you’re having a breakthrough and that you are able to view the world around you in a new and clearer way.

Having blood in your eye is also a sign of spiritual transformation. Generally, this transformation will start from within and gradually progress outwards to the world around you.

There is also a significance associated with whether the broken blood level is in your right eye or your left eye. Let’s discuss this in more detail.

What Does It Mean When There Is Blood In The Right Eye?

Your right eye corresponds to the right side of your body. This is associated with your relationship to the outside world or your outward projections.

If we then relate this to the meaning of a blood vessel that has broken in the eye, it indicates that we are going to have a breakthrough in the way we see our relationships with others. It could be a simple reminder that you need to express your opinions even if this might get a negative reaction from those around you.

The right side of your body is also associated with your intuition. This means that if the blood is in your right eye, you should be paying more attention to your intuition rather than your emotions.

For example, you may have gotten a wrong impression of someone close to you or feel that others are treating you badly. But, your feelings may be incorrect and the broken blood vessel is alerting you to this.

In other words, it might be time to sit back and think with a cool head and listen to your inner wisdom rather than relying on your emotions and feelings.

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What Does It Mean When You Have Blood In Your Left Eye

The left eye is associated with the left side of your body. This side of your body controls your feminine energy and your spiritual connection to the world and beyond.

What we can take from this is that blood in the left eye may mean that we need to have a good look at how we perceive ourselves. This may give you a breakthrough that shows you that what you thought your purpose was is not actually the case, and you may have a completely different purpose.

Your left side is also the seat of your emotions and a broken blood vessel could signify that you’re allowing your emotions to cloud your judgement. Maybe you’re relying too much on your feelings and not allowing some common sense to come through.

For example, if you always respond with your emotions to a difficult situation, you’re not giving yourself the chance to fully evaluate the situation and see all sides of the problem.

So, if you suffer a broken blood vessel in your left eye, consider it a wake-up call to stop jumping to conclusions and always reacting with your emotions. Take a step back and evaluate the situation fully before you make any kind of response.

A Breakdown Of Spiritual Meanings For Blood In Your Eye

Remember that the spiritual world communicates with you in different ways. Sometimes, it’s with physical signs that you encounter often, sometimes it’s with strong feelings that you have and other times, it’s with disruptions to your body and its organs.

Here are some important messages that the spiritual world is trying to communicate to you when you have a broken blood vessel in your eye.

  • It might be time that you change how you see yourself. Remember that other people around you will also see you in the same way. So, if you see yourself as strong and independent, this is how the world will perceive you.
  • You should expect a breakthrough very soon. The blood in your eye is caused by a blood vessel that has broken, therefore, it’s not unreasonable to expect some type of breakthrough in your physical world just like the blood has broken through into your eye. This may mean that a problem that you’ve been working on for a while will suddenly expose a solution that you have not been able to see before.
  • It may be time to change how you view the world around you. This might be the time to view the bigger picture rather than the small view that you’ve had of the world.
  • You might have to shift your thinking. Sometimes, when life throws us too many challenges, our thinking becomes negative and we shut ourselves off from others. This could be a nudge that you need to stop those negative thoughts and turn them into positives instead.
  • It could also be a message from the universe to encourage you to look after your health. You may have been working long hours, not eating well and not getting enough rest. All of this can take a toll on your overall health. Therefore, you’ve been sent a sign that it’s time to slow down and give yourself some rest.
  • You could be receiving a reminder to treat everyone around you with respect. In other words, you could be urged to change how you see the people close to you and to not judge them based on your own beliefs.
  • A broken blood vessel may also be a sign that there may be challenges ahead that you should be prepared for. Conversely, there may be some positive changes on the horizon too. Therefore, this is a reminder to trust yourself and your ability to deal with anything that may come your way.

Frequently Asked Question

What does the eye represent spiritually?

In general, the eyes represent the window or gateway to your soul. Eyes are also associated with light, intelligence, truth, and moral conscience.

What does the color red mean spiritually?

The color red represents action, energy, courage, confidence and change. Red can also be associated with passion and strength plus emotional survival.

What chakra is red?

The root chakra is red. This is found at the base of the spine and is the foundation of the entire chakra system. It’s associated with the earth element.

Final Thoughts

Although a broken blood vessel in the eye can be quite unsightly, it is normally not painful and will heal on its own as the blood is slowly reabsorbed. However, if you notice that the red in your eye is not going away within 2 to 3 weeks, or if there is pain, it’s best to see a health professional.

Spiritually speaking, a broken blood vessel in the eye can have a number of meanings and these can be different when the blood is in the right eye compared to if the blood is in the left eye.

Remember that the eyes are the windows to the soul, so any problems that we experience are closely related to how we perceive the world, the people around us and even ourselves.

Primarily, a broken blood vessel in the eye signifies a breakthrough either in how we see the world outwardly or how we see our inner world and our own spirituality.

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